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Appraisal time!

So it is appraisal time in many companies, right? Well for a company with Quarterly feedback system, anytime is appraisal time! Well what do people expect in an appraisal? Boss says …blah blah blah….so you get a 11% increment (varies 5% to 18%) with some occasional 30% one time corrections thrown in… Hmm..just heard of […]

Financial services industry: Morbid attraction!

I am still wondering (for the past 20 years!) what attracts people to the financial services industry? All business houses feel the great urge and need to set up an NBFC and then try to grow it to a bank. Not even one has been able to succeed in this (yes I know you are […]

How to read financial statements…part 1

  A promise is a promise….! So here is the first installment in how to read financial statements…. Let us start at the very beginning….when a company files its Annual Accounts it files the balance sheet, Profit and Loss account, auditors report, directors report…ARE THESE TRUSTWORTHY? Well they are as trustworthy as your OWN CV. […]

After MBA degree what?

Many kids or most kids should I say aspire to do their MBA. Sadly the MBA degree in India has too damn high a standard deviation. From the top range IIMs to the ones at the bottom, the gap is too much. The question is – if you are doing your MBA or have done […]

Failing business: Warning signals

No health deteriorates overnight. Sure we have heard of cancer, liver and kidney failure – but there are always some signals. Ignore them, and you are dead. Literally. Similarly are there some signals that you can pick up from a business that pre warn you about failure? Well here a few that I remember from […]

Getting better customer service

It is not easy being in the retail business. And surely not so for arrogant old economy companies who have sold in the control regime economy. So what should you do if you get bad service? Go viral. Yes the Indian net penetration is no patch on the US as a %age of penetration, but […]

Which power share to buy?

Let us look at 4 of them: Reliance Power    ( P/e of 81, obviously not paying dividend) or Tata Power (p/e of  20 and dividend yield of  1.35), or Ntpc (p/e of 13 and div y of  2.62) or Nhpc (p/e of 8 and div yield of 3.31). could not decide, but told myself when […]