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What IFA must learn….only from experience…part 2

A few days ago I did a post saying what IFA cannot be taught…and they must learn…here are a few more… Remember that your clients are your own portfolio, AND YOU HAVE CHOSEN THEM. You should select them carefully and keep them till both of you have a mutual need to fulfill. If a client […]

Important tips for IFAs and RMs

This is a sheer experience call – not an intelligence call, just an observation call. Read it, agree with it, disagree with it, like it, lump it…but please comment here, on the blog, so that it remains here even after a few years. 1. Be Modest about your calls: Occasionally when you get a right […]

Advisers cannot help all clients…

When I interact with IFAs they have this major complaint: “MANY OF MY CLIENTS DO NOT LISTEN TO ME” This is true not just for IFAs but also for other professionals like Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, doctors…How many times have you said (or heard from a fellow professional) “my client makes a mess and then expects […]

Adviser’s fault, but which adviser?

I know a few HNI investors. One thing common to all HNI investors is that they do not like to be classified as a “HNI”. This is good for the adviser too, because no 2 HNIs are alike. Some HNIs are well assured of themselves, satisfied with how their life is going and understand their […]

Who should engage a mutual fund advisor?

  Many people have asked me this question: Should we invest direct or through an advisor? Like every economist or a CA I will also start by saying – ‘there is no yes or no’ kind of an answer. It depends on the following: – were you investing in 1999, 2000, 2008, 2010…..? then you […]

Identifying wrong advice!

  When you get advice from somebody you are hardly in a position to tell whether it is in YOUR interest, right? Well, here are some tips! When you go to any professional these days they make their advice sound very ‘professional’ sounding. So what are the signals that you should look for? 1. You […]

What to ask your financial planner?

Ok you are too lazy to make a financial plan yourself, right? I will be more charitable – you are very busy and your wife reads my blog. She has been bugging you and saying ‘Wake up, make a plan….’ so at last you have found a financial planner. What will you ask him? Here […]