When people hire a financial planner or an IFA/ RIA most of the times they do not know what to expect. Most of the advisers too do not tell them what they should expect. This is not a good situation for a good relationship to develop….so go and ask him this….

  1. Which is your best communication mode? – sms, phone, FB messanger, wassup, …and how much is your TAT?
  2. Will you immediately respond and calm me? I may be worried about something silly, but I do not know it is silly!
  3. How often will YOU communicate with me?
  4. Will you have my portfolio in front of you in a jiffy for me to ask you or will I have to send it to you?
  5. Is there any website you own or like where I can maintain my portfolio and share my login and pw with you?
  6. How often will you monitor my portfolio and talk to me about it – maybe say ‘no action is needed’?
  7. Will you communicate with me for all things or will you have some assistant assigned to me?
  8. Is there any time for us to communicate or should I just call you on your cell?
  9. I assume that when some of my funds are not doing well and action has to be taken YOU WILL CALL ME
  10. If you maintain my portfolio will you give me a login and pw so that I can have a look at it when I want?
  11. If there are products that are good for me (our joint view) will you help me execute EVEN if you do not have them?
  12. When I wish to shift from a remunerated asset (mutual fund) to a non-remunerated asset (real estate) is there a conflict?
  13. When I need capital gains statements for my tax purposes, will you send it to me automatically?
  14. How do I compensate you for the direct shares advice? I know you are not a broker
  15. If you are not registered with a fund house with whom I wish to deal – how will you handle the compensation?
  16. My wife likes to read things slowly, so I would love all communication to be in writing on email – is this too much to ask?

well, there are more, but will let you handle these 16 for now!!



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