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Good advice is boring and repetitive!

My job as an investment adviser, and as a speaker in investment conferences or writing about investing is very difficult and challenging. What is the challenge? The challenge is to say the same things again and again without being found out! Seriously good advice is dull, boring, uninspiring, accurate, and creates wealth. However, the market […]

Financial Planning is an imperfect science

Financial planning is not a perfect science. For most people who are not obsessed about large cap, small cap, midcap, goal setting, asset allocation and such shit…it is as painful an experience as visiting the dentist, if not visiting the oncologist!! What happens is when a customer/client / potential client comes to meet a Financial […]

Icici Prudential Value Discovery Fund

When an extremely smart friend – a young CA – about 15 years younger to me called me and said “there is no style purity in Icici Pru Val discovery fund” I was surprised. I do know that a Val discovery fund CANNOT have a style purity!! It has to be market cap agnostic, industry […]

Investing for Retirement 101

You know what is Retirement – it is when you accumulate a sum of money which allows you to lead a life you want without having to EVER WORK AGAIN for monetary gains. It can happen at different ages for different people. Investing?¬†When you put money into the bank, buy bonds, shares, mutual funds, ETFs, […]

Doctors take risk without UNDERSTANDING Risks!!

I have met, addressed and spoken to about 5000 doctors. I know about 15000 more (assuming that those who bought my book read the book!!). Let me call myself a self-appointed expert on knowing how doctors invest. I agree that I must be knowing about 50% of what doctors do with their money, but that […]

Tragic Retirement cases

A few days ago somebody asked on my blog…what happens if a person runs out of money in retirement? Well I have handled cases where people ran out of money in retirement. In some cases, they had other assets – like a house in South Mumbai – which could be sold and the money could […]

Term Life Insurance till age 55 or 65 years?

I keep getting this query: “I am 31 years of age, have a 2 year old kid and planning one more in 4 years time. My wife is currently working, but may drop out of the job market at least for a few years..I have a Rs. 1 crore policy which I took when I […]