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Financial services industry: Morbid attraction!

I am still wondering (for the past 20 years!) what attracts people to the financial services industry? All business houses feel the great urge and need to set up an NBFC and then try to grow it to a bank. Not even one has been able to succeed in this (yes I know you are […]

In God we Trust!

  Fiat money is about trust. You trust your government, hence you keep all your money in currency form, right? Take the case of a common man…and his conversation with a acidic Subra of Client: Hi Subra, I wish to discuss my financial life with you…May I? Subra: Sure Client: I have bought … […]

Reduce Mis-selling at financial services Industry….

Unfortunately in India most customers crib, then when they get a pat on the back from a high ranking official, they withdraw their complaint. I am yet to see a court order a full repayment for mis-sold policy and heavy damages suits. There is no fear of God in ANY company. If you do bring […]

Goldman Sachs, Mckinsey, Rajat Gupta….

Ethics and Morality have been the first casualties in this era…so ‘respect’ sounds alien, does it not? Rajat Gupta was not trying to be anything different from a small revenue department clerk – trying to make an extra buck. People like Rajat KNOW what they are doing is wrong. Make no mistake. They are too […]

Markets can speak loudly

The Government of India’s cheapest source of funds is of course by cheating the Indian saver. Pay him BELOW the current inflation rate, and all the money will belong to you….. However that alone is not enough, so you sell shares of Coal India. I hold a couple of  ‘000 shares of Coal India. Can […]

My money is safe Subra!

Subra, my money is safe, I bank with a mnc bank. They have fantastic internal systems, audit, well paid and well trained people to look after my money. They have a fantastic ……. Really? And I have dealt with banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, IFAs, ….and I know this is a wishful statement, not true. […]

Greg Smith’s resignation letter: Lessons from Goldman Sachs

What Greg Smith said in his resignation letter about GS is not a surprise, is it? How many of you were ‘surprised’ at the tone or the content of that letter? Not sure how this is as a career move for him, but I guess it will work. He will be snapped up by many […]