Warren Buffet hypocrisy?

Sorry to be talking about the world’s greatest investor in a manner in which nobody addresses him. Apologies, again. However, what must be said, must be said. I do not know whether WB suffers from guilt pangs, I do. When I hear about farmer deaths (Monsanto), Kids killing themselves on Mobikes (Hero, Bajaj Auto), Cancer […]

Senior citizens please listen

When you are a 9 year old girl, your mother, elder sister, bhabhi, aunt everybody told you this: Do not talk to strangers Do not open the door of the house if you are alone. It does not matter who it is, just do not open. Do not talk to strangers even if it is […]

AIG to sue the Government….

Not sure how many people saw the news item of AIG wanting to sue the New York Fed for ‘bailing’ it out of the fiscal mess. Well it is not AIG, but its ex CEO Mr. Hank Greenberg who controls Starr International who is keen on the suit filing. If you are an American tax […]

Invest like Warren Buffett

How many people have told you this: “Invest like Warren Buffett”. Excellent piece of advice, now how I wish it were possible. Let us get the facts right, WB is NOT the world’s greatest fund manager. He is not the world’s most charitable person. He is not….there is a whole list of what he is […]

Goldman Sachs.. at its best

you build up a company, then you want to sell the company. who do you go to? a big Investment / Merchant banker? For him you are small change (obviously with million dollar bonuses, if your fees is ONLY 5 million dollars..) In Indian conditions, it must be worse of course. read on how YOU […]

Goldman Sachs, Mckinsey, Rajat Gupta….

Ethics and Morality have been the first casualties in this era…so ‘respect’ sounds alien, does it not? Rajat Gupta was not trying to be anything different from a small revenue department clerk – trying to make an extra buck. People like Rajat KNOW what they are doing is wrong. Make no mistake. They are too […]

Meltdown of 2008..well written article

In 2008, GE was desperately calling the US Finance secretary to say ‘we are about to default’ AiG was bailed out so that Goldman Sachs could be saved AiG was paying its traders (hold your breath 30% of Revenue) for bringing deals, mind you not a %age of profits, but gross revenue JP Morgan, Morgan […]