Sorry to be talking about the world’s greatest investor in a manner in which nobody addresses him.

Apologies, again.

However, what must be said, must be said.

I do not know whether WB suffers from guilt pangs, I do. When I hear about farmer deaths (Monsanto), Kids killing themselves on Mobikes (Hero, Bajaj Auto), Cancer (ITC), Diabetes (EiD parry)…etc.

However, I console myself that I do not lecture about Corporate Governance, Morals, and Ethics. Iam now not even talking about the BFSI space.

WB invests in Coke, Goldman Sachs, J P Morgan, Tobacco, Wrigleys, Wells Fargo, Bank of America – Merrill Lynch, …

These are EXACTLY the companies that he criticizes for paying too much, not being ethical,….

WB also says if you are a real investor, the Macros do not matter. Really? Then he should not say ‘when a war breaks out, cash is the worst asset class to be in’ – that is macro, right?

Or is he saying ‘listen to me on Macro’?

It is very difficult to judge a person over a long distance, just from reading the stuff he has written. Nor is it fair. Nor am I competent to do so.

Make no mistake – he is by far the world’s greatest investor. I would not be even a good investor in Ghatkopar. Forget a bigger geography. So apologies for calling him a hypocrite.

This is just a post to say that WB is as much a part of the W S gang that benefits from the system, likes the American domination (lets face it, there is no choice). So when you read his letter…read it with that in your mind.

by the way I did not coin this term…read on

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  1. I may be correct or may be wrong (note that I am not a blind fan of WB anyway).

    I feel whatever WB said contradicted what he said earlier might be due to a completely different situations.

    Taking the example of macros, here is what I feel he means.
    1. Don’t look at the macros: This should mean don’t be afraid/euphoric if interest rates rise/fall or your country’s GDP shrinks a little or FED decides to taper the QE program, etc. These might not have everlasting effects on the portfolio.

    2. When a war breaks out, cash is the worst asset class to be in: This should mean that a war is a make or break situation for any country. Probably your existence in that country depends on the result. Inflation could rise terribly, anything can happen.

    We need to look at the context he is looking at.

    This is my interpretation.

  2. Good morning Sir,
    Every morning when I pass through roads of Ghatkopar station to office, I try to find your office somewhere. Could you please help to locate it. One day want to see u personally. Just want to come and touch your feet.

    Keep writing.

    Tons of wishes and Love, Sushila

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