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Happiness as a goal!

When people talk to me about their finances they talk about ‘financial goals’. Sure, they are important but ‘earning more money’ cannot be a goal. ‘Being happy’ can be a goal. When I talk to people in the 55 to 72 years of age the most happiness that they have is when they travel with […]

Set Investment Goals – how and why

A good, sound and durable investment plan starts by determining your objectives while understanding your likes, dislikes, and any limitations or constraints that may exist. While most objectives could be long-term, a plan must be designed to sit / live through changing market conditions. It must be able to prepare for unseen / unpleasant events […]

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Wealth Management and Goal Based Investing

I was NEVER in the ‘wealth management’ business in the 1990s. We were brokers and simply believed that for US to make money, clients had to make a lot of money, like our services, and refer more clients, so that we could make even more money. We did not ask clients for referrals, but would […]

Goal Based Investing…

Here is a nice long PDF article on #YouCanberichtoo well the article is about #GOALBASEDINVESTING.IN  Read on…     Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

Goal setting: some real hard questions

One of the main reasons why the Goal setting exercise is difficult is that we do not give importance to the thought process of goal setting. Let us look at some questions that we should be really asking: are our goals really OUR goals or goals laid down by society? for e.g. do you really […]

A book on GOAL BASED INVESTING with calculators

this is the Index of a book called : “Goal Based Investing” Where are you today? (balance sheet, net worth, working assets, and using assets) Where do you want to go (Goal setting) Resources that you have (Cash flow and amounts available for investing) Risk profiling (this is tricky. I want a person’s asset allocation […]