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Goal setting: some real hard questions

One of the main reasons why the Goal setting exercise is difficult is that we do not give importance to the thought process of goal setting. Let us look at some questions that we should be really asking: are our goals really OUR goals or goals laid down by society? for e.g. do you really […]

Financial Goals: Problems!

Many people do not have their OWN financial goals, so a cut n paste job has to be done. Which means you will HAVE to take the society’s goals and cut paste on YOUR life. So let us take the GOALS that SOCIETY wants a BOY to have (sorry for the girl the goals are […]

Resolutions: with a little compromise!

We have already reached that time of the year when we start building our own excuses for not being able to meet our JAN 1ST resolutions…so here are some steps which are a little compromise on the resolutions… 1. Know what are your Goals: I thought about this a million times, but hey there are […]

Financial Goal setting is step one in financial planning

Goal Setting is deciding the end-point of your planning exercise – determining where you want to go. The more tangible your goals, the easier it is to plan for their realization. Begin by listing both your short and long term financial goals. Short-term goals are things you want within the next five years – a […]

New Year Resolutions cannot work

Ok having given such a negative spin to resolutions, I need to tell you HOW it works, right? Well a resolution does not work unless it is a resolution helping you towards a goal. So much before the resolution is made, a goal has to be created. Clearly goal setting sounds simple -but is extremely […]

Weight loss is mathematical

I hope the title does not throw you off! Two dangerous words – ‘weight loss’ and ‘mathematical’ except of course for Pattu the maths professor! A plate of samosa – takes about 10 minutes to eat, and 65 minutes to burn off. Did not like the equation? welcome to the cruel world of mathematics. The […]

Best Investment Resolutions: 2013

It is customary for magazines, blogs, television channels….to start writing about investment resolutions for 2013. So the month of December is about thinking of what resolutions to make. I am not sure what the others do, but for me this is really easy. Go to 2008, 9, 10…12 and cut and paste. Not that I […]