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Goals should be Realistic too!

I know one lady whose husband is a graduate working in the Gulf. Typically like every Gulf employee he too is paid better than say an India job, but you really cannot get RICH on a job as a clerk. So her get rich quick schemes have included collecting money for shady chit funds, shady […]

Goals can be flexible

Normally there are a few times when people are serious about their goals: When they are trying to lose weight (I am talking about the serious guys n gals) When they are trying to write an exam (you know a 6 month effort can impact your NEXT 60 years!) When they are trying to meet […]

Investing: Accounting and Tracking are just as critical.

In an earlier posting we saw that Goals should be SMART. T stands for tracking. If you have goals it is necessary for you to track whether you are on the correct path. If you were climbing a mountain and following a map, you would look for landmarks to ensure that you are on the […]

Investor’s responsibilities and duties

Just too many people whom I meet crib about the distributor! Poor guy! Call him an agent, advisor, consultant, …or what have you, but he is representing the manufacturer and has a role to play. Let me tell you what I like my client to do or know. Clients should expect good quality feedback on […]

India wins the World Cup 2011

1971: first overseas victory in West Indies and England. Images of Chandra taking those wickets. Ajit Wadekar the captain…. 1983: India, rank outsiders, win the World Cup. Beating the mighty West Indies led by Clive Lloyd. Kapil Dev the captain 1985: India win the Bensen and Hedges Cup in Australia. India going in as favorites, […]

Does focus help?

We have been told again and again that we should be focused. Well it is easy to say we should be focused..but how many times can you say you are really focused? Are we focused at work? Are we focused at play? Well at least if you are a batsman facing a bowler…you do not […]

Resolution breakers

So by the end of January we have made our resolutions, promised to keep them, and have now broken them, have we not? Well what are the major ways a person breaks / destroys resolutions? Not sure about the other resolutions – but financial resolutions are destroyed by the following people behaviour: 1. Missing out […]