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Media retrenchment crisis?

In 1993-4 the National Stock Exchange was born. Also around that time The Stock Exchange, Mumbai (now famously called BSE) went online. This actually put about 100,000 people out of work. Technology happened. Such stories are not difficult to hear around the world. However, some people believe that they should not be touched. Immaterial of […]

What is the media?

I was asked this question at an Investor Meet….and I said It is easy to say what Media is NOT. It is surely NOT about a) Education: If you think media is about educating you, it is not. b) Advising: To be your ADVISER I need to know YOU. Knowledge of markets, products, etc. is […]

What topics I will not write on!

Here is a quick list on what I will not write on: -Taxation esp personal tax. There are more than enough people doing this. -Stock specific tips etc. I may do it once in a while, but not as a regular thing, and not something that is useful. I mean I will not do updates […]

What topics to write on: Inviting suggestions…

Vaibhav has suggested that I take readers views: happy to do that Please suggest what topics to write on…However here is a NEGATIVE list, on which I will not write: – which share to buy – top best 5 shares to buy / mf schemes to invest – anything specific about a company or a […]

Live on Cnbc.Awaz…at 7.30pm Tuesday….over

tuesday….the day after Mahashivratri…will be on Cnbc awaaz  along with Swati Kumari answering questions on Hindi…..     Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

Live on Cnbc 12.10pm TODAY

Hi will be answering some Personal finance questions – with Latha Venkatesh on Cnbc Tv 18…. TODAY, FRIDAY, 17TH…AROUND 12.10PM i will be in the studio..may be starting around 12.20…live…       Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

Media advise…

I watched 5 minutes on a channel that was discussing Financial Advisors. An interesting suggestion came up – one of the panelists said an advisor should get say 20% of the profits and about 10-15% of the losses in a clients portfolio. Brilliant advise. If you do not know what a portfolio manager does and […]