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Nifty Train to Wealth: Guwahati

for those who wish to see me….well here I am giving some gyan….on TV too 🙂 Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

Some gyan on TV…

if you have read my blog…now you can see and hear me to on Cnbc…was at Guwahati for a shoot…and here is the Train to Wealth – a program sponsored by NSE on Cnbc – Reema Tendulkar’s show…   17th Dec at 4.00 pm(Sat) and repeat on 18th Dec at 4.30 pm (Sunday) Post Footer […]

Media advice…

When people read my blogs they may be getting a feeling that I do not watch TV at all. I do. I have a very old TV – and the clarity is not too great, caveat. I make it a point to watch ‘Comedy Circus’ and I guess it is an amazingly good program, and […]

Media awards…

Not sure how many people know how media awards are given…it is a fantastic story in itself. I know one CTO of a large bfsi company (who is actually technically challenged!!) who got the ‘best use of technology’ award. I know his OWN colleagues telling me about his technology knowledge. Well we all laughed. I […]

Media language can be learnt

Was wondering what are the few sentences that a person should be taught to be in the financial media business. Here are a few: As we had said earlier, the market is now decoupled. Even though the markets went down yesterday in US Indian markets have gone up. Indian markets have gone down, in keeping […]

Media: Can you really learn from them?

After a particular stage in life you get skeptical about what you read. In the financial services industry, reading an article is important, but reading the byline is perhaps more important. Also knowing why he/she is saying and the tone in which they are saying is also very important. I am not even talking about […]

Advise from the Media

Honest to God, this conversation is not an exaggeration. Please read it, and tell me how useful this advise was: Anchor: Sir, when buying insurance should you buy insurance or an investment too. Expert: Well you should look at all the features. Normally people buy life insurance to get the 80C benefit. Which means in […]