I was asked this question at an Investor Meet….and I said

It is easy to say what Media is NOT. It is surely NOT about

a) Education: If you think media is about educating you, it is not.

b) Advising: To be your ADVISER I need to know YOU. Knowledge of markets, products, etc. is SECONDARY. YOU ARE PRIMARY.

c) Entertainment: If it was so, the quality of programs will depend on asking YOU, not the sponsor.

MEDIA is about advertising. The media companies (print, tv, mobile, net..) NEEDS YOUR attention SO that they can advertise.

Simple, in most of the cases, YOU are the product, because you are not paying. So enjoy life. At least now you know what the MEDIA IS NOT…..

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  1. i dont understand why people get so worked up over ‘paid news’. example some newschannel working as a propaganda arm for a certain politician in exchange for some money.
    does it make it correct if the news channel did it for free?
    is it the exchange of money that is causing the moral outrage?
    why doest it matter if NDTV the commie loving,green pretending ,statist channel it is -takes money from the CPM (it may or may not be -just using an example here) to spout its nonsense or does it free of charge because they ‘BELIEVE’ in commie nonsense?
    to the viewer,it makes no difference

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