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What to expect from Retirement?

I just saw a survey in an American poll that only 20% of the people surveyed think that they can ever retire! Is that not appalling? I mean imagine being told in your 30s or 40s that you will NEVER be able to retire because of your income and expense levels. Then I began wondering […]

Retirement Corpus: Avoiding Ponzi schemes

I have always held that to accumulate decent money, keeping away from danger is very, very important. Regularly we find investors losing money to some glib talker and they part with big amounts of money. Big has to be contextual of course – a maid servant losing Rs. 84,000 is as bad as a senior […]

Financial Adviser’s Jargon: Its a put off

Last week Mitu Samar, a Corporate Communications expert spoke at the Monthly meet of Network FP and many of you must have watched it online or attended it live. She said ‘stop doing the same things’ – you cannot build a brand by copying. So true. I cannot create a newsletter by reading Naren, PJ, […]

The Uncertainty Non Understanding !

I read an article a few years ago – 2 or 3 and that left a great impact. Let me do a copy paste of what is left in my head. It is an American article about Adviser’s perspective. I have seen Indian advisers too who are in a state of denial when I hit […]

Compounding: Excellent, but NOT enough!

  One day we will lose it all. Our friends, our hobbies, our siblings, our thinking, our faculties, our…….and we had acquired this with years of compounding! Our wisdom, health…what have you have all been acquired with lots of compounding. Even the Mountains, the sea, the ridges were all created by compounding…one day it could […]

Overconfidence and Investing

I see people who cannot count beyond 3 want to be a DIY. Literally these people should not be investing without help, but then it is their problem, not mine. I just have to see and comment. No, I am not in a position to help them, nor am I inclined to “help” people for […]

Overconfidence and Illusion of Control

People think that looking at their portfolio everyday – or 5 times a day helps them be in control of their portfolio. Great show. Completely wrong. The current boom in the market is not so ‘professional’ driven. It is driven by people who think that they can read websites and be their own fund managers. […]