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Narendra Modi should be worried

Narendra Modi did wear a brave face and attended the wedding of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma and even had many photos clicked. He must have been a worried man. The media made his victory look like defeat in Gujarat. He should take time to listen to the people. Most of the youth talking to […]

Important Market lessons

Stock picking is a great profession and a very expensive hobby. However stock picking as a hobby will NEVER cease to attract men, women, boys and girls! They will just keep going at it, and it can hurt. Some important lessons: Stock picking is hard work. Real hard work. You need to read balance sheets […]

Narendra Modi, ICAI, and administrative reforms

At the celebrations of the CA institute PM NaMo was the Chief guest and he said many nice things about the institute. He also said some unpleasant things about the institute. The worst thing is every Tom, Dick and Harry is using this and now saying ‘CAs are bad’. Now let us take Dhirendra Kumar […]

P Chidambaram and his assets…

the amount of detailing that Subramaniam Swamy and Gurumurthy have done in P Chidambaram’s case is amazing. Now it looks like Godfather – kill the main people around the don, and the don falls. So attack PC, Bhujbal (Maharashtra), …etc is good message for SG and RG Post Footer automatically generated by Add […]

What will demonetisation do….or will it?

The government’s decision to remove high-denomination notes from circulation and replace them with new ones as a positive for the economy. In the short term the weakest portion of the economy – the vegetable vendor and the nomadic people, etc. will suffer and suffer badly. However, this step seems to be one more logical step […]

De-monetisation and its impact…

The sudden and abrupt announcement by the government to make the currency notes of INR 500 and INR 1,000 invalid as legal tender from mid night of 8 November is part of the government’s attempt to crack the whip on black money and fake currency, says India Ratings and Research (Ind-Ra). This comes after the […]

Impact of demonetisation

Immediate Impact: One of utter confusion. There will be rumor mongering saying that the Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 notes have become useless. Far from it, if you have withdrawn from your bank account – it can go back to your bank account. People with small amounts – all of us keep some cash at […]