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Market is simple to understand

The equity markets are simple to understand except if you try to use too much intelligence. The markets (internationally) is driven by various factors – macro and micro. The 3 important factors that one speaks of while talking market valuation are Fundamental, Technical, and Market Sentiment. Remember understanding equity markets is very complicated if you […]

Na Mo and the banks…

We still do not know what happened at the banking conclave…or the ‘Gyaan Sangam. Hopefully some manthan must have happened and some amrut may have flown… What he spoke at the Icici function was 1. use cashless transactions – that will reduce black money. Fantastic. Since Na Mo cannot bring back that small amount lying […]

IPOs are more risky

People have been asking me to write about Equity Research…and I cannot even make a list of topics in Equity Research, because it is too damn vast. So let me try to say what are risks that a common man / lay investor should avoid. This is the first among them…. IPOs are priced in […]

Market Volatility? Look at USA events……

For any of us to understand what happened in the equity market, we need to see what happened over the last 5-6 years in the USA. Since 2007 the US has been using a very unconventional kind of a policy. From a base of having US $ 900 billion in 2007, it let the base […]

India’s currency crisis…

‘Subra I need to make a US $ 1000 payment by November, should I do it now or later?’ – this was the 3rd forex related query. The earlier 2 were from parents talking about paying the fees of children studying abroad. All were worried about the US $ hitting 70 or 75….and wanted to […]

India is not inexpensive!

For all those people who think that doing business in India is worthwhile because we are an inexpensive destination, please think again. Let us go to the basics of Economics: there are 4 factors of production needed for an enterprise – land, labour, capital, and entrepreneurship. Land: by no stretch of imagination is land cheap […]

State of the market address…..

Subra, is this the best time to enter the market? Boys, girls, fathers, journos, readers everybody asks me this question, almost every day. Many want to see if I change from what I said the previous week, some to go home and laugh saying – see the market has come down ‘this guy knows nothing’, […]