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India in financial trouble?

  People have been asking me…”Is Greece such a big problem…Is Eurozone crisis so difficult to handle…..” Frankly it is the government of India playing the proverbial ‘foreign hand crisis’. This allows them to do what they want, and not get blamed. Surely Greece is not to be blamed for our huge, mammoth deficit. G […]

Petrol price hike…

I have always felt that motorists asking for more roads is like a kid telling his dad: “you have bought me too many dresses, now buy me a cupboard”. Motorists are a big drain on the municipal authorities and the state governments too. They think that the roads are built for them (they pay NOTHING […]

State of the Economy!

A few days ago one of the persons I know called to say: “Do you know that 5 CEOs have resigned in the last month in the financial services industry!”. I said hmmmmm and did you know AT LEAST 5 financial services companies are in the market trying to ‘sell’ from one owner to another? […]

Nothing against PSUs…but…

From all my posts if you have come to the conclusion that I am against PSU companies, you may not be very wrong. Are the employees in these companies to be blamed for their plight? Yes and No. I have known extremely committed and well meaning PSU employees. I used to know a person in […]

What is the government up to?

If you were a big businessman would you create COMPETITION for yourself? Kind of a stupid question right? Let us see what the Government of India does! In the life insurance business it already OWNS India’s most valuable player viz LIC. However it creates SBI, Star Union Daichi, Canara Hsbc Insurance, Idbi Fortis, ….and I […]

Next sub-prime

In the Indian markets when one asset class is losing, other asset classes also catch up fast. So if you think you have invested in real estate, equities and debt – you may not be diversified enough. In fact if you have diversified across asset classes at all points in time, one of the asset […]

Current account deficit?

Look at the financial mess the Government of India is in! Thanks to some traditionally told lies, Governments all over the world have far, far more debt than what they can honestly repay. Big large countries like the US have already cheated the world by making their currencies worthless. Look at what Mamta didi wants! […]