The Chief called for a meeting. In attendance were the heads of:
The National Anti-Terrorist cell (called NAT)
The National Anti-black money cell (NAB)
The Cashless Honest Economy Evangelist (CHEE)
The Old Man from the Village (Old Man)
The head of Patriotism, Morals, and Rectitude (known as Spin Doctor) 
The Chief looked dapper, as usual. For the last one week he was dressing only in black salwar and white kurta to underline the fact that life is all about black and white. It had come to such a state that greys were banned in the Chief’s office. But that phase passed. Today, he was dressed only in grey. 
The Chief called the meeting to order. “Mitron”, he said, “You know why I have called this meeting. There is only one topic to discuss nowadays”.  There was a chorus in reply. “Demonetisation”.

read more at an old classmate’s blog….he is the author…

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