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Pay off debt or Invest for Retirement?

It was in the year 200x that you took a Rs. 40,00,000 housing loan. Now 5 years later you are very comfortable with the Rs. 40,000 per month EMI that you are paying. You and your wife find that you can easily increase the EMI to Rs. 50,000 without a sweat. Should you increase the […]

So you want to buy a house?

Now that people have postponed their foreign trips, they all want to buy a house…. Let us see if you can afford a house: – can you afford to pay at least 40% of the cost of the house as a down payment? – can you afford to pay the EMI on just ONE salary […]

Very important Investment tips from a veteran…

There are some very important things that you should know if you are a decent investor…even semi decent is fine….by the way….. 1. Leverage: borrowing money to do a deal. You have no clue of the time frame for which you are doing the deal, but hope to make a killing. Normally the deal, the […]

Borrowing: why at all?

It is easy for me to say ‘you should not take personal loans, because I have not taken’. It is so foolish too say do not borrow. Most people are borrowing out of compulsion, not love for the bank!! Nobody borrows if they can live without that expense. However people do borrow, and when I […]

Why people borrow…..

There is no research in India done on topics like why people borrow, or how people invest…but here is an attempt at guessing…. 1. People borrow to buy assets : buying a car, a motorcycle, a house…..etc. requires sums of money that a person may not have, so borrowing becomes a must. 2. To pay […]

Debt: Bad or Worse?

For the past 3 decades (at least) YOU have been told by us (media) that there is ‘good’ debt and that there is ‘bad’ debt. Good debt is a beautiful concept ‘created’ by lenders with a great, benevolent image to say that: interest rates are low it is tax deductible and it is used to […]

Why Interest rates in India are wrong!

Most of the Governments of the world have been subsidised by the middle class. Let me explain. The biggest borrower in India is the Government of India – about 80% let us say. Now this government along with the RBI can decide the interest rates for most of us. They decide: at what rate PPF […]