Pay off debt or Invest for Retirement?

It was in the year 200x that you took a Rs. 40,00,000 housing loan. Now 5 years later you are very comfortable with the Rs. 40,000 per month EMI that you are paying. You and your wife find that you can easily increase the EMI to Rs. 50,000 without a sweat. Should you increase the […]

Terrible Lock In Product…

When Indians need to invest they look at Gold, Real estate, Post office, bank fixed deposits, life insurance, mutual funds…in that order. Is it too wrong? According to P Chidambaram it is. You are supposed to keep your money in ‘Financial Assets’ so that PC and his brethren can benefit. One of the brilliantly sold […]

Why people lose money while investing…

It hardly matters whether it is equities or real estate, the reasons why people lose money is so simple to enumerate: 1. Not knowing the difference between trading and investing: they buy some shares, hope it goes up when it does not they sell off. Since they do not know whether they should be averaging […]

My lessons in equity….part 2 Please read the above-mentioned post. As well as the comments, and I will give u an update. Now an update on this post. Mr. R is known to me and I called himĀ  a few days ago. This was because I was taking a trading position in Hindalco – at about Rs. 92. I […]

Excellent Returns in Real Estate…..

Most people invest in equities, debt, real estate, …..and I guess they invest so that they are able to sell it at a premium later on, right? Well, when people speak to me they say “I bought a house for Rs. 80 Lakhs in just 10 years it is worth Rs. 1.9 crores”. Nothing wrong […]

What type of an investor are you?

First of all let me make a distinction between a saver and an investor. A saver puts his money in instruments which give fixed or very closed to fixed kind of returns. Examples of this are bank fixed deposits, PPF, National savings certificates, Endowment insurance policies, Retirement plans fully in debt instruments, etc. etc. These […]

Why people borrow…..

There is no research in India done on topics like why people borrow, or how people invest…but here is an attempt at guessing…. 1. People borrow to buy assets : buying a car, a motorcycle, a house…..etc. requires sums of money that a person may not have, so borrowing becomes a must. 2. To pay […]