are you financially compatiable?

When 2 people get married……we hope that they are financially compatiable, sometimes they are, sometimes they are not… Here are the details of a couple …and they had an amazing story. I took their permission to share the story with you… He is 42 she is 37 years old. He works for a huge pharmaceutical […]

Excellent Returns in Real Estate…..

Most people invest in equities, debt, real estate, …..and I guess they invest so that they are able to sell it at a premium later on, right? Well, when people speak to me they say “I bought a house for Rs. 80 Lakhs in just 10 years it is worth Rs. 1.9 crores”. Nothing wrong […]

Direct Investment in equities: Problems

Whenever I do a program on investments or personal finance, people rush to me, and ask “Are you saying direct investment in equities is so difficult, that we should not do it ourselves?” My answer is normally yes. That is because for most of the people I meet – whether they be Relationship Managers in […]

sanmeet kaur sahani’s 5 crores what to do?

  Mrs. Sanmeet Kaur Sahani is the first lady winner at the Kaun Banega Crorepati..(Indian version of Who wants to be a Millionaire)…this is a program conducted by the legendary Amitabh Bachhan and has got the imagination of the Indian middle class. She won Rs. 5 crores (Rs. 50 million) – about US $ 1 […]

Earning well but poor…part 1

Ok not exactly poor, but you are 30 years old, married to a 28 year old earning well but BROKE. Poor maybe too harsh – but if all you have to show for 6 years of working is say Rs. 10 lakhs in the bank, well you are almost there. Your story? Let me tell […]

Solutions to all problems is money?

Funny when we started life, there was a lot of time and a lot less money. I am not even getting into whether we were happy or sad. Growing old has one great advantage – you fantasize about the past. You think politicians were honest (that’s true Pramila Dhandavate and Madhu Dhandavate were still alive), […]

Should I Insure my children?

I have been asked this question a million times, and I have said NO a million times. However, like all personal finance (and especially life insurance) topics there is no straight forward answer. So let me start by saying NO. If your children are young, and dependent on YOUR income they do not need any […]