Funny when we started life, there was a lot of time and a lot less money. I am not even getting into whether we were happy or sad. Growing old has one great advantage – you fantasize about the past. You think politicians were honest (that’s true Pramila Dhandavate and Madhu Dhandavate were still alive), journalists did a thorough job (true, saw Arun Shourie oust Antulay), and you even think that you listened to your parents (of course some of us can make that claim because parents memories are failing them!).

However when I see some of my gen people throw money to solve problems, it is scary. What can be solved by using ‘time’ cannot be solved by using ‘money’. I cannot understand how buying a Rs. 22 lakh bike for a kid who is unable to get decent grades helps at all. Or buying him admission in pony tail’s college for Rs. 20 Lakhs. Who are they trying to fool? me? the world? Sounds ridiculous right?

If they cannot spent TIME with their kids or their parents, do they think that buying EXPENSIVE gifts will help the relationships?

When I speak to kids who say ‘My parents were not there when I wanted them’ – it stuns me. Sure some of these kids are playing victims – perhaps as an excuse, but sometimes it is the truth. I have met kids who have need psychatric help even while at school. Then there is substance abuse.

Gawd wake up guys and gals. Kids need you. Your time. Your parents need your time.

Not getting into a value judgement, but if my boss had said ‘take more time off I will give you LESS salary’ I would have not liked it for sure, if I were 22, but at 50, hey that is not a bad offer.

Time and Money are fungible, but you need to know how, and what is the exchange rate prevailing TODAY.

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  1. Subra,

    Nice article, as always hits you bad.

    But then I find some parents these day much more aware and sorted out than ours. Kids these days are also much more mature and practical.

    What you have written is truly scary and I think is typical South Bombay/Khar/Linking Road Phenomena. And if it not… that is it is pervasive, then I am truly scared!

  2. Many parents spend money for children’s education simply because educational qualification opens many doors for career. At least, it can impress others. If you have 5 Crore rupees, you won’t mind to spend 25 lacs on children’s education.

  3. Hi guys,
    Having 5 crores is OK, but spending 25 lac is not OK.
    You can tell your kids that “you will go where your marks take you” !!!
    Huge amount of money has to be spent on their education when you try to ‘buy’ seat for them.

    When kids grab a seat then it’s free !!!!

    A lesson learn from Subra Guru.

  4. Just on the thoughts of growing old. A quote from my aged uncle” one of the benefits of growing old is that the things you desired when you were young are the things yourealize no longer need..”

  5. The issue is this: Time,Energy and Money – all three will not co-exist. When you are young, you will not have money. When you are mid-age, time will not be there. When you are old, energy will not be there.

    Solve that equation, and you are all set.

  6. Spending(or blowing) on Education definitely matters:

    Even it’s pony tail college, it will add a lot of weight to resume then from a normal MBA college. The type of calls you get for your resume says it all

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