This is not a financial post, just a happiness post. If you assume happiness has a lot of financial implications, you are right. If you are happy, you will be rich. Read it again. If you are happy, YOU will be rich – the reverse is not true always!!

So to be happy you need to KNOW THE following:

– there is somebody out there who loves you. Unconditionally. Connect with that person.

– there is NOBODY out there keep a tab on your mistakes, evil thoughts, etc. accumulating it to throw it at you when you are feeling low. ONLY PERSON who does it is YOU. YOURSELF. Just stop doing it.

– to be loved, you need not have net worth. Just self worth. Which we all have.

– you cannot please all the people you are connected on FB. To me only about 10 matter a lot. 50 matter at all. The other 2800 – we do not care a damn either way. I am just being polite in accepting FB’s misuse of the word ‘friend’.

– if somebody keeps track of my posts, sayings, etc. I feel sorry for them, not for myself. I feel honored at being tracked. One day it might be useful when I write my memoirs.

-sometimes I will hurt the people I love. Mostly unintentionally. Almost always unintentionally, but hey that is life. I will also apologize – if they do not accept the apologies, I know they will not matter post that. Sad, but will live with that. Has not happened so far, hope it does not matter.

– when you hurt someone you love, the world does not end. Really, it does not end.

-Money is like salt. You need it. An excess does not help at all.

this is a money blog so I had to write about money! Happiness has nothing to do with money.


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  1. A little more money will almost always buy a little more happiness.Money is a necessary but not sufficient condition for happiness.

  2. I have been reading your blog for a long time now. This post is so true that I instantly got connected to it. It is always good to realize this truth very early in your life.

  3. Sir,
    I have been following ur blog for last 7-8 months and also have recommended to many friends/ colleagues….U are enligtening everyone with not only financial matters but u are showing a way to live a better life….Keep going.

    God bless U…

  4. Nicely said. Too needed post.
    At the time of death, we would definitely wanted to have achieved human values..more than money. (anyway leaving money mostly enhances the bitterness among our dear ones)

  5. Subra, is there a study/survey on how much people save/spend as years roll by? Meaning, how much would an average IT employee have saved by the time he is 25? 30? 40? How does it change for somebody from the BFSI industry? How does it vary across gender? And what do people save in? FD? Real estate? Equities?!

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