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Mistakes in fund scheme choice

Teaching has its advantages. Huge advantages I should have said. One such event happened yesterday…I was told that I had missed one of the best fund managers by not investing in Mirae. I was also told that by not investing in a new FT scheme of ‘High Growth companies’ I had missed out on a […]

Must buy ULIPs now!!

Ok rub your eyes…again…this is what you need to say if your income comes from advertising. One respected pink paper has come up with an article saying why ULIP is the best product to buy. If you read the article you may not think too highly of the writing, but you are at a huge […]

Should I invest directly in equities ?

  Should I invest in direct equities or should I invest in Mutual funds? Should I invest through a SIP in mutual funds or should I time the market? Even for people who have answered the question ‘should I invest in equities’ POSITIVELY, the above 2 questions are difficult to answer. In fact these questions […]

Investment projections and illustration…

  Clients regularly ask for “How much will my investment become in 22 years?” Really, I have no answer… In analyzing the possible rate of return of either a new or existing life insurance policy, and comparing it to possible alternatives, it is first important to understand how inherently unreliable, unnecessarily exaggerated, confusing, difficult to […]

Teachings of Warren Buffet

  What Warren Buffet says about basic investing, spending, savings are so true, that MOST of us know it. However too many of us do not live it. So it is useful if once in a while somebody can just rejig the memory. If it does make a change in your life, thank HIM (I […]

Risk is normally not visible…

The problem with risk is it is generally not visible. In most cases we wish to avoid it by PRETENDING that it is not there, or ignoring our inner voice which keeps telling us that there is risk. The worst thing is Risk is counter intuitive. Let me explain. In 2007 end and perhaps the […]

Fund Manager Fables….

Fund Managers need stories to sell the fund to the investor. Will they ever, ever say sell equity funds and wait in liquid funds? No. Will they sell equities and wait in cash on your behalf. NO. They cannot and should not. This is exactly where a PMS can step in. However I would recommend […]