Target Date Funds

It is surprising that Indian mutual funds have not yet launched Target Date funds. It is a big money gatherer in the USA (remember Mutual funds are in the money gathering business not in the money managing business). What is a Target Date Fund and how does it work? Since we are in 2015 let […]

Borrowing: why at all?

It is easy for me to say ‘you should not take personal loans, because I have not taken’. It is so foolish too say do not borrow. Most people are borrowing out of compulsion, not love for the bank!! Nobody borrows if they can live without that expense. However people do borrow, and when I […]

Media advise on Market timing….or how you can lose a lot of money

Myth: Time in the market is more important that timing the market. This says that the longer you stay invested, the more chances of you making money. Again, only partly true. Good investors know that timing is all. While no one can call market peaks or troughs correctly all the time, we all can figure […]

The EMI trap!

Your daughter earns Rs. 44,612 per month as take home salary. You were initially very happy and proud about this. Then 3 months passed, you got her passbook updated, and noticed that she had a balance of 29, 643. You thought it was about Rs. 100,000 short 🙂 What happened? Well there was a phone, […]

Why people lose money while investing…

It hardly matters whether it is equities or real estate, the reasons why people lose money is so simple to enumerate: 1. Not knowing the difference between trading and investing: they buy some shares, hope it goes up when it does not they sell off. Since they do not know whether they should be averaging […]

Real estate, equities or gold?

Where should an investor invest today? Equity markets? Real estate or Gold? – I am assuming that investors look only at these 3 asset classes – I do not know how to invest in horses, oil, other commodities etc. so I will stick to these 3 asset classes… Let us start with Equities. If some […]

Hare and the Tortoise….fable

Animal Planet may well be the best channel to watch for investments! Surprised? Well, considering that investor behaviour resembles that of herds, it does not sound all that unreasonable. After all, in 2001 we found it hard to convince them that it was worthwhile to invest in equities. And in 2008, it was hard to […]