Target Date Funds

It is surprising that Indian mutual funds have not yet launched Target Date funds. It is a big money gatherer in the USA (remember Mutual funds are in the money gathering business not in the money managing business). What is a Target Date Fund and how does it work? Since we are in 2015 let […]

Living on a budget

this article on budgeting appeared in long back. INCOME: Rs 100, expenses Rs 99, life is fine. Income: Rs 99, expenses Rs 100, life is in despair.     (Due apologies to Charles Dickens!) There used to be a time when it was advisable to have regular health checkups when you 45. Now, it’s closer to […]

buying assets without borrowing….

  When it comes to buying any asset – I am using the word loosely there is a tendency to borrow. Borrowing actually helps you immediately by allowing you to buy beyond your means. The problem with most things we buy is that once we buy it, it ceases to hold any attraction for us. […]

Direct Investment in equities: Problems

Whenever I do a program on investments or personal finance, people rush to me, and ask “Are you saying direct investment in equities is so difficult, that we should not do it ourselves?” My answer is normally yes. That is because for most of the people I meet – whether they be Relationship Managers in […]

Banks hold their customers tight….

In the battle between IFAs and Banks, it is the banks who win hands down most of the time. Why does this happen? Some of my observations: 1. Clients love activity, and banks can provide that: Most clients like to do something on a regular basis – but may not be too keen to do […]

My investing mistakes…continued

The mistakes that I made in my equity investing have now been well documented. Now I will tell you some more shares where I did not make ENOUGH money. This is the mistake of spotting the opportunity but not having the brain power to stay through the full journey of wealth creation. Infosys: My investing […]

A new equity investor?

So you are 22 years of age and wish to invest in equities, right? Welcome to the very many people who wish to invest in equities, but do not know where to start. First things first. If you are doing a career in medicine, or are a lawyer or any other professional, chances are you […]