Conversations with investment aspirants….

‘Hello Subra sir where is the market headed’ Me: I do not know. Inv Aspirant: Come on sir, you have been so long in the markets you will surely know. Me: to know where the market (I am assuming you mean Sensex, which is a derivative of the top 30 stocks in the Indian stock […]

Learning is a must!

  this post is partially repeated…it had appeared a couple of years ago in this very blog… I am sure all of you know the cap seller and the monkey story. So why am I telling you the same story again? No this is not the same story, it has a twist. A cap-seller was […]

Who should pay for higher education?

Who should pay for the higher education of our children? Ideally somebody else. Like a scholarship. My niece is on her way to Harvard – and is being partly funded by a scholarship which is meeting about 50% of her TOTAL COSTS – and completely covers her tution fee. However not everybody gets admission and […]

Equity markets are like a yo-yo?

In my class I am normally asked “Is the equity market like a yo-yo?”, the other question is “Is the equity market like a roller coaster?” My answer to both the questions …is NO. NO in capitals. Both the yo-yo and the roller coaster have a predictable movement. You know the yo-yo will go down […]

My investing mistakes…continued

The mistakes that I made in my equity investing have now been well documented. Now I will tell you some more shares where I did not make ENOUGH money. This is the mistake of spotting the opportunity but not having the brain power to stay through the full journey of wealth creation. Infosys: My investing […]

Bluechips or ex bluechips?

Hypothetical conversation between a GOOD INVESTMENT adviser and a potential client…. Circa 2007 end: Client: Mr. Adviser I have some shares in my portfolio can you please tell me whether I will make some money on them! Ad: Sure client, tell me which are the shares that you are talking about please? C: The shares […]

Collectors, Not Investors

About 12 years ago she came to me for investing her money. She is a well educated woman, has a smart daughter – and there is no man in her life. She is divorced, her father died about 7 years ago and she does not have a son. I am saying all this because when […]