‘Hello Subra sir where is the market headed’

Me: I do not know.

Inv Aspirant: Come on sir, you have been so long in the markets you will surely know.

Me: to know where the market (I am assuming you mean Sensex, which is a derivative of the top 30 stocks in the Indian stock exchange at Mumbai) is headed, I should know many things.

IA: Sir you know everything, you do not want us to learn….you want us to study for our exams…right?

Me: No, no honestly I do not know

IA: Sir it is all in the papers – fiscal cliff, elections, CAD, CAG, QE withdrawal….

Me: wow you know it all…then why are you asking me? You know i depend on Twitter for news, not TV.

I actually do not know how the market will behave tomorrow or 3 years later, but I am bullish on the long run, so I am investing. When friends think you know it is a problem!

Well read onĀ  – here is another fellow who has similar problems….



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  1. Dear Sir,

    I want to invest funds for my retirement,
    can u advice me for the same,
    i am 30 right now and want to park my money for 20 years,

    thank you

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