Conversations with investment aspirants….

‘Hello Subra sir where is the market headed’ Me: I do not know. Inv Aspirant: Come on sir, you have been so long in the markets you will surely know. Me: to know where the market (I am assuming you mean Sensex, which is a derivative of the top 30 stocks in the Indian stock […]

Two important news items: Times of India, Mumbai edition, 1st April, 2010

an old article being reposted. Look at both these stories from a personal finance point of view…I believe Naushad wanted his family to go through a lot of trouble, but not confirmed…read on…. There are two news items in today’s Times of India – both related to personal finance. One is about Naushad (who knew […]

You do not OWN a cycle !!????

  I have spent half a century on the planet so have a lot of friends, classmates, cousins, friends who have spent similar amounts of time on planet earth. I have a lot of friends who are runners, and cyclists too. A few days ago one young friend was cribbing about the price of petrol. […]

Using Home Equity as Retirement Plan

With real estate in a boom over the past few years, one thought that crosses peoples mind is to use ‘Home Equity’ as a Retirement Plan. Good idea? Feels so. At least at this juncture, however like all assets it has its ups and downs. Let us look at what I mean. What is Home […]

Should I give financial advice to strangers over email?

It is really a pleasure to write – I address an audience of 3 million views – from 139 countries. This is not small by any stretch of imagination. However, along with that it means I get mails asking me for help in investing. The questions are more like: – I am 45 years of […]

IIPM does not want you to see this…

what is the Indian Institute of Ponytail Management worried about? it is worried about people knowing that it is NOT recognised. Is it really a problem? No. As long as parents BUY seats such institutes will survive. Sorry make it thrive. One Armstrong (translate to Hindi) runs an institute in a prime suburb of Mumbai…but […]

SBI announces PO Jobs!

I am normally a right wing guy….and an out and out capitalist. So if somebody came to me and said ‘should i write the PO exam’ I would scoff at them… Not any more…For those of you who saw the PO Job announced by SBI – 1500 jobs – you will know why. Details: Age […]