Not a Meru fan but will defend their right to do business….

I started off as a fan of Meru cabs – largely using it for airport trips initially. In fact at one point Meru became an addiction especially in Delhi and Bengaluru. In other cities Meru became very useful especially because I had no clue about distances and the geography. Then Meru started looking more and […]

Indian Rule of 15

Well there is no real Indian rule of 15, but I have just taken the American Rule of 25 and adapted to Indian conditions… What is the American Rule of 25? Well if you need an income of 100,000 a year and you are not worried too much about the rate of inflation POST RETIREMENT…then […]

Real estate prices are holding up the recovery?

Every business has to have an office. Preferably in Mumbai or New Delhi. This could of course be rented, but many of them prefer to buy it. They need CAs, advertising agencies, car hire companies, and zillions of other service providers. Where should the service providers be located? In Mumbai or Delhi. Then it needs […]

Wow what opportunities!

  When you have lived too long in a very comfortable style, you tend to lose perspective. I meet extremely rich people, reasonably rich people, rich people, and middle class people. And the richer they are, more they seem to be cribbing. ‘Why pay Rs. 25 Lakhs for a parking ….’ or ‘Mumbai has no […]

should I, should I not…?

assuming this is a personal finance site (which predominantly it still is)…..and the fact that many of us know that there is a huge connection between health and wealth….and there is a huge connection between sensible living and good health…and there is a huge connection between healthy thought, healthy actions, healthy food and good health….. […]

India’s great future

What happens when you see a mirror? do you like what you see? If no, do you break the mirror? Well frankly we would love to, but that is not the answer, right? Similarly when we see filth (Mumbai stinks, dammit) around us, we say ‘Oh Navi Mumbai is not like that’ or some such […]

Real estate is sticky!

Real estate prices are rarely rational! It is just that there is not enough information available in a well organized manner, and people are resistant to change. Take a city like Mumbai. It is impossible to set up a barber shop, an inexpensive eatery (I mean selling dosa at Rs. 50), a general practice or […]