assuming this is a personal finance site (which predominantly it still is)…..and

the fact that many of us know that there is a huge connection between health and wealth….and

there is a huge connection between sensible living and good health…and

there is a huge connection between healthy thought, healthy actions, healthy food and good health…..

should I venture writing about food, exercise, ….etc.?

Just a question…..

this is because personal finance is limiting. Beyond a point it is about DOING, not knowing. I cannot sit in one corner of Mumbai with requirements completely different from my younger readers..I cannot really write about philosophy of living…

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  1. Hi Subra,
    As you rightly mentioned health and wealth are interwined. We could have accumulated huge retirement corpus say 20 crores. But what is the use if we could not even walk to nearby ATM to withdraw money OR eat whatever we want.

    My take is following healthy lifestyle not only leads to good financial health but also helps us to use the hard earned money which we accumulated throughout our lifetime.

    Moreover, reading from someone who has vast financial experience and following some good health practises is like having banana with honey. So please sir, share your thoughts on living a full life.


  2. Great! Knowing you, the health posts would be bitter medicine for us. Or maybe an advice to stop taking medicines 🙂

    Yr readers are loyal and will lap up anything u write. So, plz write whatever u enjoy writing.

  3. Yes sir. But please do realize that health, exercise and food concepts are sometimes subjective, and may even be outside your area of competence.

  4. I feel that you are just excellent in your sarcastic way of expressing how to lead and plan for a healthy financial life, and you should continue to do that. You remind some of the most basic things over and over again, we tend to forget. And in the process, motivate us.
    As for healthy food and stuff, there are other websites there that focus on healthy eating, working out, living life as a raw foodist (if foodist is a word, lol) etc etc.

  5. lol Subra, whatever you write I assure you it’s going to taste delicious!!

    Other than that, people have different interests so a foodie might not like reading about finance or vice versa. I would suggest seperate sections for so thst people do not have to filter the content.

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