Target Date Funds

It is surprising that Indian mutual funds have not yet launched Target Date funds. It is a big money gatherer in the USA (remember Mutual funds are in the money gathering business not in the money managing business). What is a Target Date Fund and how does it work? Since we are in 2015 let […]

Job or business? depends on your approach!!

The chances are that you are either employed somewhere or you are in a business. If you are in a business you understand that 1. First you create a product, 2. Make it, test it and then deliver it to the client 3. The client buys it uses it and then makes the payment…. Right? […]

Two important news items: Times of India, Mumbai edition, 1st April, 2010

an old article being reposted. Look at both these stories from a personal finance point of view…I believe Naushad wanted his family to go through a lot of trouble, but not confirmed…read on…. There are two news items in today’s Times of India – both related to personal finance. One is about Naushad (who knew […]

Direct Investment in equities: Problems

Whenever I do a program on investments or personal finance, people rush to me, and ask “Are you saying direct investment in equities is so difficult, that we should not do it ourselves?” My answer is normally yes. That is because for most of the people I meet – whether they be Relationship Managers in […]

Do you need an investment advisor, at all?

Or Why you do not need an investment consultant ! If you need bypass surgery, you should find the most qualified surgeon available. If you’re getting sued, you should hire the best defense lawyer in town.These 2 are fairly obvious and I do not think you can do your own root canal surgery, brain surgery […]

One pager on financial planning

This is a cheat sheet on what you need to know about personal financial planning. I cannot blame you if you are already feeling overwhelmed about the kind of financial stuff being thrown at you! Let us get the basics right: 1. Personal financial planning is SIMPLE. This does not mean it gets done, but […]

11 Career tips for those in their 20s

Many kids in their 20s are serious about their career. Sadly many, many more are not. The reasons for this are not far to seek. Many of them have been told that it is all right to keep wondering what to do in your 20s. Not true at all. I know of one boy who […]