Do not buy life insurance at all!

There are many reasons why a person should not (need not, will not…whatever) buy life insurance at all: (please note this is written tongue in cheek and some naive readers should not take it seriously) This is just to take a dig at the excuses that people give…   Life insurance is one of those […]

Do you need an investment advisor, at all?

Or Why you do not need an investment consultant ! If you need bypass surgery, you should find the most qualified surgeon available. If you’re getting sued, you should hire the best defense lawyer in town.These 2 are fairly obvious and I do not think you can do your own root canal surgery, brain surgery […]

One pager on financial planning

This is a cheat sheet on what you need to know about personal financial planning. I cannot blame you if you are already feeling overwhelmed about the kind of financial stuff being thrown at you! Let us get the basics right: 1. Personal financial planning is SIMPLE. This does not mean it gets done, but […]

Collectors, Not Investors

About 12 years ago she came to me for investing her money. She is a well educated woman, has a smart daughter – and there is no man in her life. She is divorced, her father died about 7 years ago and she does not have a son. I am saying all this because when […]

Ageing has its advantages

Let me start by quoting Lord Keynes. He said ‘Of course I change my stand. When I get new data, I change my mind – what do you do Gentlemen?’ After spending a few years in college, and then3 decades in dealing with wealth instruments, intermediaries, manufacturers, banks, trainers and most importantly customers there is […]

Buy pure term insurance only!

Read an amazing article on 10 March in a national pink daily on Term Insurance with Return of Premium. ROP as it is called. The author had argued that a Term ROP should not be bought because it is more expensive than the pure Term insurance and hence it should not be bought. This is […]

Biggest Investment Mistake Ever!

When you are in your 20s and 30s which is the biggest asset that you have? House? Car? Mutual funds? No. None of them. Then what is it? It is your future earnings. In Finance terms the NPV of the future cash flow of your earnings. Let us say you are a CA and are […]