Do not buy life insurance at all!

There are many reasons why a person should not (need not, will not…whatever) buy life insurance at all: (please note this is written tongue in cheek and some naive readers should not take it seriously) This is just to take a dig at the excuses that people give…   Life insurance is one of those […]

Rules of Investing: knowing not enough!!

Many of us know that there are rules of Investing. We also know that Rules are meant to be BROKEN. However whether you want to follow them or break them, there is no escaping knowing them! Here the aim is to warn YOU that  it is a complex world, and rules are not enough…… If […]

new business ideas

I have been wondering why some big company keen on E governance not coming up with the following services: 1. a centralized qualification database: a person should be able to convert all his qualifications, marksheets, etc into E form. 2. a centralized MEDICAL database: wherein all the medical records of a person should be nicely […]

Are you better off than 5 years ago?

Well, if you were in the US and I were a Pres candidate…i would have been forced to ask you this question. Well politics aside, this is a question that you should keep asking yourself EVERY year. In case of your personal life, hobbies, work, relationships, etc. you need to frame your own questions.I do […]

Need holistic advisors please

When you go to a doctor you get a feeling that you have gone to a person who is completely ‘loyal’ to one school of thought. So you have a allopathy slave, a homeopathy slave, a unani slave…… NO DOCTOR has the patient’s good at heart? Not sure if it is too sweeping, but why […]

Rags to Riches in 18 minutes…

  As a financial planner I do spend a lot of time with 16 year olds working in call centers, media companies, banks and so on. When I am with them and discussing their problems, the one question that often comes to my mind is, “If these guys cannot make their monthly salary stretch one […]

Ageing has its advantages

Let me start by quoting Lord Keynes. He said ‘Of course I change my stand. When I get new data, I change my mind – what do you do Gentlemen?’ After spending a few years in college, and then3 decades in dealing with wealth instruments, intermediaries, manufacturers, banks, trainers and most importantly customers there is […]