Earning well but poor…..part 3

  On the basis of some of the requests and comments, here are some of the examples that I see on a regular basis. These are not by themselves wrong, but in a combination of events, keeps a person poor: a. Refusing to use public transport: Public transport is not the best way to travel […]

Retirement lifestyle management

Actually I am not sure whether this is a post on retirement or financial education. Or like a friend says all my posts are on financial education…. The financial services industry uses terms like financial planning, life insurance planning, retirement planning…..but the common man has found out that all thes are sales pitches, right? So […]

What is Life Insurance?

Come on you did not open this post to find an Investopedia definition of Life Insurance, did you? I recently came across a brochure by our reverend Regulator a book on Life insurance. I read it and knew that this was another obfuscation attempt and nothing else! Well let us look at what is Motor […]

Agents are priceless…

Make no mistakes. I do think that agents can play a great role in your life. A good agent for mutual funds, life insurance, real estate, travel, can really work wonders for your investment or travel. Many of them are very good people with excellent knowledge of the product, customer (you) needs, planning, etc. and […]

Worst Investment Advice ever

Over the course of your investment life, you will receive a lot of help from well meaning people (completely incompetent in investing but some with empirical evidence of luck in investing). Some of it will sound as follows: 1. Invest in Life Insurance policies like ULIP: this advice will come in the second month of […]

Solutions, become the problem….

Let us look at some things which were heralded as a fantastic solution for a problem. Then we will see how these have NOW become problems and not a solution as it should have been. Insurance, Home loan, car loan, educational loan, derivatives, leverage, credit cards, ………….. Look at business Insurance. It is a brilliant […]

The Finance Licence Raj: Nirmal Jain

Nirmal Jain of Indiainfoline is a sensible businessman who needs to and will do business in India. If you seriously look at his business model, it is the funding operations which is really making money. In the financial services industry, broking, mutual funds, life insurance – NOTHING is profitable. One HFC told me – we […]