Actually I am not sure whether this is a post on retirement or financial education. Or like a friend says all my posts are on financial education….

The financial services industry uses terms like financial planning, life insurance planning, retirement planning…..but the common man has found out that all thes are sales pitches, right?

So the financial education jamboree has given a feedback to the financial sales arm to change its terminology. Now if the financial educators have warned the people that …all these planning is actually sales pitches..then the guy gets wary.

So what to do?

Armed with this fantastic feedback by the financial education jamboree the BFSI will now come out with new terminology. This stuns the hunted animal – like a deer caught in the headlights….and will buy for some more time.

When a planner uses terms like financial planning, the client yawns. He does not want to be told:

Sir you are 44 you need to invest Rs. 59000 in a MONTHLY SIP in case you wish to retire at 68

Sir if you had started earlier (say18 years of age) it would have been only Rs. 590 per month..

Sir you should not have withdrawn from your PPF….

ETC. etc…..

So now the sales guys have been asked t o use new catchy words like:

Sustainable Retirement Life style

Healthy Retirement eating and living it well

Retirement? that is for ‘old’ attitudes – You are still too damn young!

so caveat emptor!!!

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  1. Sir,
    The above attitude of people towards retirement will change (thinking that retirement planning starts when u r 50). In my opinion this idea has deep roots in the typical “JUGAAD” attitude of Indians and our practice of doing every thing at the 11th hour.

  2. People find it easier to live like an Ostrich, fogetting that they will have to retire one day. Why blame the advisor, who will be trying to break the bad news slowly?

    It is not difficult to make your own math on retirement. Keep enough slack for un planned expenses.

  3. Accept the reality – most people in early 30s cannot afford retirement; accept it and prepare [physically/mentally] accordingly.

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