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Budgeting for the Defence Personnel! Part 1 of 2

Personal budgeting is a crucial part of any persons financial preparedness. For a defense person, it is a part of your military readiness and peace of mind, for both single service members and military families. Budgeting and planning ¬†your income and expenses with your spouse prior to your deployment will keep you both at ease. […]

Investing mistakes by defense persons

The mistakes that I have seen investors make are in other parts of this blog…this one is specifically for people in the army. Includes mistakes by retired army personnel. (please note I use military, defense, etc. interchangeably… Opening an account in every place where they are posted. It is not uncommon to see defense persons […]

Financial challenges for defense personnel

I have not had much interaction (ok, not enough) with people in the armed forces, but here is a list of problems that many of them have spoken about..let me list them: Forces people are not money concerned: It is one thing being money minded and a completely different thing to mind your own money. […]

Military Personnel – avoiding financial failure

For the ordinary military person, NOT FAILING in his financial second innings is step one. Most military people are not psychologically, physically or financially ready for a post defense services life. They have been protected and have led a very insulated life. They are trustworthy, lead an uncomplicated life, they get a salary which cannot […]

The Military Spouse!

You have completed 10 years in the armed forces and you are looking for a bride, great. Now all of us looking for a bride have known that we should look for a compatiable bride, but for army folks it is far, far more significant. Wonder why? Simply because as a defence person you are […]

War and Personal Finance…part 1

‘Be Prepared’ is a scout motto and defense personnel are commonly asked to go and ‘Take Charge’. Both these phrases can be used for personal finance too. Any financial planner will ask you to ‘be prepared’. When I meet an army person with regard to his finances the first thing that I feel like telling […]

Defence Personnel: Give Power of Attorney….

If you are a defense person, you might stay for very long periods of time away from your home. There are times when your spouse and parents too do not know where you are. Should you give a Power of Attorney to do deals when you are away? Once you give a the power of […]