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Year Beginning activity!

Client interaction and client education is a year long – life long activity. However, when the markets are good, we tend to think that the client will do all the learning himself or herself. Let us see what mistakes we are likely to make and what we should avoid. Possible mistakes: telling the client ‘I […]

HR is against Personal finance education!

I was stunned when one CEO said “your lectures are not good for my company”. I did not pay much attention. A few days earlier a fund manager told me that a HR manager looks for people who will work hard get promoted feel worthless about himself/herself converts income into lifestyle expenses works harder to […]

Investor-Adviser relationship

When a client with Rs. 30L exposure in mutual funds – largely equity gets a call from a client saying “I wish to sell my SPARE house worth Rs. 3 crores and put it in a mid-cap fund” how should he react? As a Trainer one could just say “i think its too risky” or […]

Types of advisors

The mutual fund industry (and the life insurance industry too) sell its products through banks and Independent financial agents. Sadly no mf or insurance company takes enough trouble to understand this animal called the IFA. So they are categorized on just one basis – the amount of assets that they gather. This is wrong and […]

IFA: what to expect when you hire one?

When people hire a financial planner or an IFA/ RIA most of the times they do not know what to expect. Most of the advisers too do not tell them what they should expect. This is not a good situation for a good relationship to develop….so go and ask him this…. Which is your best […]

IFA: Working with Retirees part 1 of many

Most IFA that I have met work with people in the accumulation stage, or people who have a huge surplus. So in many cases, the mistakes of the IFA or the client will not matter – the corpus is so huge, that lifestyles do not change. However, going forward we will work with people who […]

How can an Adviser build credibility with potential clients?

It is very difficult for an adviser (financial, health, education…) to build credibility. In an industry where there are so many fly by night operators (the 97% of them get the 3% of us a bad name)…how does one build credibility? Well the following have worked for many of the advisers that I have met… […]