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IFA: Working with Retirees part 1 of many

Most IFA that I have met work with people in the accumulation stage, or people who have a huge surplus. So in many cases, the mistakes of the IFA or the client will not matter – the corpus is so huge, that lifestyles do not change. However, going forward we will work with people who […]

How can an Adviser build credibility with potential clients?

It is very difficult for an adviser (financial, health, education…) to build credibility. In an industry where there are so many fly by night operators (the 97% of them get the 3% of us a bad name)…how does one build credibility? Well the following have worked for many of the advisers that I have met… […]

Subra please suggest me a good Financial Adviser!

I get this request very often. Maybe 100 times in a year if not more. I do train a lot of IFAs and bank RMs, so I should be able to connect the two, right? Wrong. I am myself not sure about who to recommend. I can name some very knowledgeable people here who I […]

IFA: Better get Better!

Except if you are in government service and have a nice subsidy for everything in your life and have a pension, there is financial tension. The Indian Finance industry is no exception, and as in every industry, the most threatened person is the LOWEST person in the chain – the IFA. All mutual funds keep […]

8 reasons NOT to buy life insurance for your kids

Q.  We are considering purchasing child life insurance (Ulip) for our little girl. We have been reading various articles in the media and are seeing a lot of different views on this. My husband told me that you do not answer specific queries, but I still took my chance. What are your views? A. No. Nein, Nyet, […]

Budgeting for the Defence Personnel! Part 1 of 2

Personal budgeting is a crucial part of any persons financial preparedness. For a defense person, it is a part of your military readiness and peace of mind, for both single service members and military families. Budgeting and planning  your income and expenses with your spouse prior to your deployment will keep you both at ease. […]

What IFA must learn….only from experience…part 2

A few days ago I did a post saying what IFA cannot be taught…and they must learn…here are a few more… Remember that your clients are your own portfolio, AND YOU HAVE CHOSEN THEM. You should select them carefully and keep them till both of you have a mutual need to fulfill. If a client […]