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Subra please suggest me a good Financial Adviser!

I get this request very often. Maybe 100 times in a year if not more. I do train a lot of IFAs and bank RMs, so I should be able to connect the two, right? Wrong. I am myself not sure about who to recommend. I can name some very knowledgeable people here who I […]

IFA: Better get Better!

Except if you are in government service and have a nice subsidy for everything in your life and have a pension, there is financial tension. The Indian Finance industry is no exception, and as in every industry, the most threatened person is the LOWEST person in the chain – the IFA. All mutual funds keep […]

8 reasons NOT to buy life insurance for your kids

Q.  We are considering purchasing child life insurance (Ulip) for our little girl. We have been reading various articles in the media and are seeing a lot of different views on this. My husband told me that you do not answer specific queries, but I still took my chance. What are your views? A. No. Nein, Nyet, […]

IFA: Should you give away free advice?

I address doctors about managing their finances. No, I do not talk about the business finance for doctors (hell, nobody has asked me to), but it is personal finance. However, privately many of them have told me that they are always approached for free advice. I guess if you are a specialist you are lucky, […]

Annual appraisal of an IFA

“The figures don’t lie”, however ‘liars figure’ a way of telling the story. This is a saying I have often uttered over my career – a career spanning investing, brokerage, advisory, and of course audit, law and equity research.  An occupational hazard of a career in the personal finance industry – in training and blogging […]

35 Rules of personal finance

The title saying X number of rules of personal finance is just to put pressure on myself to think of so many rules. If I do not reach that figure I will repeat myself, and you are not supposed to think it is senility. I heard senility and the ability to make correct financial decisions […]

Role of a good broker-adviser

I have a choice of paying: a) zero brokerage    b) opening an account with zerodha or c) pay about 1.5% brokerage to be with a broker-adviser The offer of zero of course comes from friends and from brokerage houses which will want a full visibility of all my transactions so that they can copy […]