This is surely just a ramble. I did not even know whether to call it learning, rules, diktats, …or just a ramble by an old investor, but hey here it is….

  • Make mistakes – write down what went wrong, make quick small mistakes, laugh at them, make it when you are young, and most importantly learn from them.
  • Write down the learning – from investing, losing, friends, reading,….and keep a nice notebook for the same.
  • Understand conflict of interest – broker, blogger, adviser, …their agenda and your agenda may not match
  • Choose your area of work, and enjoy the same – the pleasure gives you the energy required to succeed
  • Be Intellectually competitive by choosing an amazing array of friends
  • Choose complete idiots, very sharp people, chess players, equity analysts, salesmen, lawyers, entrepreneurs (failed or successful) as friends and see your thinking improve
  • Get friendly with people who criticize you
  • A person who claims to be my friend bad mouths me, and now I am enjoying it !!
  • Make brave decision based on 80% information and 20% gut
  • Review decisions based on information
  • Never argue with the truth, it does not work
  • Teach your kids investment reviews and use their services – so that they learn and you improve
  • Your kids are great at killing your ego, encourage them to do so, nobody else does it so well
  • When an idiot is criticizing you, concentrate on the criticism, you KNOW he is an idiot, don’t judge him every day
  • Trust your intuition. Verify performance.
  • Make tentative investments, but on confirmation buy real big
  • Don’t waste time investing 1% of your liquid net worth, does not help, it should be at least 5%
  • When you trade size of the trade should be worth your time..

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