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Investor-Adviser relationship

When a client with Rs. 30L exposure in mutual funds – largely equity gets a call from a client saying “I wish to sell my SPARE house worth Rs. 3 crores and put it in a mid-cap fund” how should he react? As a Trainer one could just say “i think its too risky” or […]

Selecting a Financial Adviser

Let us say you are a HNI and looking for an adviser. Do you really want to look at a low end IFA who does an average SIP of Rs. 4000 per month? When you are talking of doing an SIP of Rs. 200,000 a month? Or When you are looking to fund your child’s […]

Pain/confessions of a financial adviser

this is the second part of the confessions of  adviser’s / relationship managers…I had done the first part long ago. Yes ALL ARE TRUE, and may sound harsh. I have seen some so called intellectuals ignoring the effort of an advisor and going to a ‘wealth manager’ who actuall damages the wealth. Recently I heard […]

What will hurt the IFA

The IFA as referred to in this article has an AUM less than Rs. 50 crore and in MF parlance a ‘small IFA’ . This article does not apply to the big IFA who have more than Rs. 250 crores AUM and can get any AMC to bend any rule to accomodate them. Let us […]

Types of advisors

The mutual fund industry (and the life insurance industry too) sell its products through banks and Independent financial agents. Sadly no mf or insurance company takes enough trouble to understand this animal called the IFA. So they are categorized on just one basis – the amount of assets that they gather. This is wrong and […]

What to ask your financial planner?

I am not getting into the legal part of who is a financial planner, who is a mutual fund distributor, etc. I am assuming that you have an individual who is helping you invest in direct shares or mutual funds or a combination of financial and real assets and you need to know what to […]

IFA: what to expect when you hire one?

When people hire a financial planner or an IFA/ RIA most of the times they do not know what to expect. Most of the advisers too do not tell them what they should expect. This is not a good situation for a good relationship to develop….so go and ask him this…. Which is your best […]