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IFA’s job is difficult

Luckily my ‘work’ involves meeting doctors. Physicians, Surgeons, dentists, …and all of them. It is obvious that I chat up with them and find similarities to investment counselling. Read on… So a senior doctor – with about 45 years of clinical practice – tells me..’as I got on in years, I realized that communicating well […]

IFA: Working with Retirees part 1 of many

Most IFA that I have met work with people in the accumulation stage, or people who have a huge surplus. So in many cases, the mistakes of the IFA or the client will not matter – the corpus is so huge, that lifestyles do not change. However, going forward we will work with people who […]

How can an Adviser build credibility with potential clients?

It is very difficult for an adviser (financial, health, education…) to build credibility. In an industry where there are so many fly by night operators (the 97% of them get the 3% of us a bad name)…how does one build credibility? Well the following have worked for many of the advisers that I have met… […]

Do I need a financial Planner?

this article will help you decide do you need a financial planner..

Important tips for IFAs and RMs

This is a sheer experience call – not an intelligence call, just an observation call. Read it, agree with it, disagree with it, like it, lump it…but please comment here, on the blog, so that it remains here even after a few years. 1. Be Modest about your calls: Occasionally when you get a right […]

Advisers cannot help all clients…

When I interact with IFAs they have this major complaint: “MANY OF MY CLIENTS DO NOT LISTEN TO ME” This is true not just for IFAs but also for other professionals like Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, doctors…How many times have you said (or heard from a fellow professional) “my client makes a mess and then expects […]

Why every ADVISOR needs an advisor for himself

Every dentist goes to a dentist, right? Every Counsellor hires a Counselor for himself -he needs it desperately. So should every IFA have an IFA? An Ifa thinks it is a great idea to consult an Ifa. However when it comes to his own money ..he prefers doing it himself !! Why so? These are […]