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Identifying wrong advice!

  When you get advice from somebody you are hardly in a position to tell whether it is in YOUR interest, right? Well, here are some tips! When you go to any professional these days they make their advice sound very ‘professional’ sounding. So what are the signals that you should look for? 1. You […]

What to ask your financial planner?

Ok you are too lazy to make a financial plan yourself, right? I will be more charitable – you are very busy and your wife reads my blog. She has been bugging you and saying ‘Wake up, make a plan….’ so at last you have found a financial planner. What will you ask him? Here […]

Why have a financial plan?

  Or what does a financial plan do for You? Many people get put off by words like ‘financial plan’ or ‘financial planning’, so here is a summary of what a financial plan should do for you (read as financial plan, not as financial planner – Mr. Sengupta feels I promote planners too much on […]

How is an IFA compensated…

I liked this letter from an IFA to his client, which he was willing to share with me: Dear Sir, I am happy to be of service to you, and here is a small introduction to my services. I am thankful to Mr. Ravi for referring your business to me. This business, like your legal […]

One pager on financial planning

This is a cheat sheet on what you need to know about personal financial planning. I cannot blame you if you are already feeling overwhelmed about the kind of financial stuff being thrown at you! Let us get the basics right: 1. Personal financial planning is SIMPLE. This does not mean it gets done, but […]

Financial planner: must he be qualified?

I am an anarchist and do not believe that Rules and Regulations are very important. In fact I do think that lawyers, accountants and even doctors exaggerate their educational processes. Having said that when I meet financial planners who do not understand: Indian Income tax – especially clubbing, scope of what is Income, the difference […]

You need a financial adviser….

All the articles in the financial services industry are written by people who have a vested interest in either the advisory business or in the sales business. By ensuring that you have an adviser there is a good chance that you will be nicely domesticated and beaten to submission. This will ensure that you say […]