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Confessions of an IFA

Here are some of the confessions of a very successful IFA. Exactly why it merits being mentioned : 1. I play favorites with some fund houses: It has taken me a very long time to establish relationships with about 5 mutual fund houses. I recommend only their products. Sure there are about 40 other fund […]

Financial Goals: Problems!

Many people do not have their OWN financial goals, so a cut n paste job has to be done. Which means you will HAVE to take the society’s goals and cut paste on YOUR life. So let us take the GOALS that SOCIETY wants a BOY to have (sorry for the girl the goals are […]

Adviser’s fault, but which adviser?

I know a few HNI investors. One thing common to all HNI investors is that they do not like to be classified as a “HNI”. This is good for the adviser too, because no 2 HNIs are alike. Some HNIs are well assured of themselves, satisfied with how their life is going and understand their […]

What an IFA body should do but AMFI will not

If in the course of your life you have been an investor, sub-broker, broker, teacher, auditor of mutual funds, trainer, content provider – you realize that you have certain advantages. In some of these positions you meet the MF industry as a boss and sometimes you meet them like a servant. Mostly it is the […]

Identifying wrong advice!

  When you get advice from somebody you are hardly in a position to tell whether it is in YOUR interest, right? Well, here are some tips! When you go to any professional these days they make their advice sound very ‘professional’ sounding. So what are the signals that you should look for? 1. You […]

What to ask your financial planner?

Ok you are too lazy to make a financial plan yourself, right? I will be more charitable – you are very busy and your wife reads my blog. She has been bugging you and saying ‘Wake up, make a plan….’ so at last you have found a financial planner. What will you ask him? Here […]

Why have a financial plan?

  Or what does a financial plan do for You? Many people get put off by words like ‘financial plan’ or ‘financial planning’, so here is a summary of what a financial plan should do for you (read as financial plan, not as financial planner – Mr. Sengupta feels I promote planners too much on […]