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A running regulator has been appointed…

A few days ago the Running Regulator was created, here are the draft regulations. Comments are invited from runners, doctors, photographers, hoteliers, shoe manufacturers, socks and other accessories manufacturers, spouses and parents of runners, coaches, physiotherapists, gym owners, drivers of cars supporting runners, and any other person who thinks about running, and all others. Rules […]

Financial Literacy: why it will not happen anywhere

The greatest topic for discussion in financial circles – especially the elite ones is a) financial literacy and b) financial inclusion. In this article I am about to debunk the ‘financial literacy’ joke that goes around. First of all it must be understood that any change can come ONLY and ONLY if society wants it, […]

Regulator: Speaks the language of the strongest player!

Amazing to see a pattern in the working of a Regulator… thing common to all the regulators is that they speak the language of the strongest player! When SEBI was formed and it took charge of the mutual fund space, there was only ONE mutual fund – the UTI. So there was a tussle between […]

What an IFA body should do but AMFI will not

If in the course of your life you have been an investor, sub-broker, broker, teacher, auditor of mutual funds, trainer, content provider – you realize that you have certain advantages. In some of these positions you meet the MF industry as a boss and sometimes you meet them like a servant. Mostly it is the […]

What can IRDA do?

Too many times we have screamed that the BFSI space is customer unfriendly….let us see what we can do about it. More importantly, what the IRDA should do: 1. They should be allowed to sell ULIP ONLY to a person who already has a term insurance of Rs. 10,00,000. 2. When they are selling to […]

Real Estate Regulator…..

First the warning: this is an attempted humor column, please do not take this seriously…… Once upon a time there was a real estate regulator ….and well he did not have much to do. Before becoming the head regulator he was Executive Director of a very big builder – and he was handling compliance and […]

the regulator’s story…..

The most important thing about a regulator is he speaks in the language of the MOST powerful player. Period. So if it is RBI he will speak in the same tone as State Bank of India. If it is Insurance, it will sound like LIC and in case of mutual funds it used to be […]