A few days ago the Running Regulator was created, here are the draft regulations. Comments are invited from runners, doctors, photographers, hoteliers, shoe manufacturers, socks and other accessories manufacturers, spouses and parents of runners, coaches, physiotherapists, gym owners, drivers of cars supporting runners, and any other person who thinks about running, and all others.

Rules and Regulations made under Sec 23 of the Act:

1. For running a person should be a member of an association formed exclusively for this purpose.

2. Men and Women can run, however for safety reasons it is assumed that women will not run separately. Even if there is a GOR (girls only run) the scorer, coach, doctors, physios, etc HAVE to be men. This is done to ensure that non running men do not take advantage of the running women. This has to be the preserve of the running men.

3. A Runner’s association will have 4 categories of runners – novice, starter, veteran, super veteran. Depending on a self declaration people can qualify in each group. A person should have completed at least 15 marathons to be called a veteran and about 30 marathons to be called a super veteran.

4. When buying a shoe, only the following brands are allowed to sell shoes to runners – Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Bata.

5. There are a lot of people who run without shoes – Mr. A Ananthram has been asked to chair a committee on ‘barefoot running’. The committee will have 9 representatives. Out of these 9 members, the shoes manufacturer’s association will have the right to nominate 8 members. The first meeting will be held in New York city….on….

6. If you are a coach your wife, son, daughter, neighbor cannot take part in any event. If they do, they will not be eligible for any prize

7. You can either be a coach or a participant. If you are both, we see a conflict of interest.

8. Cyclists who also run will have to pay 2x the membership fees, and they can be members only if they are below the age of 77.

9. Any runner over 75 is running at his own risk, if he dies during the race, he will not be eligible for any compensation.

10. The chairman will be a retired IAS officer – he need not be a sportsman.

11. …want your views please…

More rules and regulations will follow…

………more will follow…

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