Does your company need you?

Many people I know (I could have said all people, but not so fast) think that they will keep their jobs till they WANT to. Sorry, we are a young country, and there will be pressure from the younger people wanting your job. They are likely to have more energy and face it, the world […]

How many signs of stress do you have?

No. I am not an expert on stress, but I do see a lot of people who are terribly stressed. One person I know had landed in his home town…and went to the DEPARTURE lounge and was sitting there in the club (J class lounge!). When another friend went and asked him where he was […]

My biggest financial Mistake….

I have written a lot about my mistakes in the past, this post is about financial mistakes made by others! Most of the people were past their 60’s. I asked a few people about their BIG financial mistakes and I heard the following: 1. NOT investing early: Almost everybody had a regret that they did […]

Some stunning money mistakes

I am myself not so sure whether I have done such a post. However being a consultant, a sales person and a trainer is really an unfair advantage for being a blogger / author. I normally deal with people in the wealth category – people wanting to invest. When somebody wants to borrow, I am […]

A lesson in Risk this diwali….

At the outset, a happy diwali. Will I lose an opportunity to highlight risk during diwali? Here is a repeat post – had posted it a couple of years ago…and here it is..once more! I have been bursting crackers now for a few decades and obviously have some ‘cracker’ wounds, but nothing serious. About 3 […]

Money: A child’s point of view

Reposting this article after 4 years….as my daughter understood personal finance in class 4…. I had got Amar Pandit’s book for Children. Here is my daughter’s understanding of the book. She is in 4th standard, Apeejay School, Nerul, Navi it is in her own words. I had posted a part of the article earlier […]