Winner’s characteristics!

A chance to meet many people is a huge, huge advantage of being in sales, training and public speaking. It also helps you interact with people across age groups. Some common characteristics of winners: – Learning continually, and taking every opportunity as a learning opportunity – when they find their boss unreasonable, they double their […]

Have you ever been Mis-sold a product? Read and Comment please!

It is customary for industry bodies to time and again talk about “irresponsible” selling or mis-selling by “unethical” agents (by what ever name called). Let us look at what exactly constitutes mis-selling. Mis-selling as understood by the common man means “selling a product which is inappropriate for the client”. However let us look at the […]

Brilliant Investment Myths

There are some brilliant Investment Myths which go around and have been around for such a long time that people do not even know them as myths.. let us break some of them: Buy low and sell high: Such a simple statement to make, and impossible to do in real life. Buy cheap and sell […]

Do this Retirement Exercise…interesting one..

Retirement mathematics is a very complex one…and who knows that better than me! I have refined my calculators a million times and sought help from Pattabiraman (of Freefincal fame)…regarding volatility. However instead of doing a PhD in mathematics, let us look at some short cuts…. 1. The American belief is ‘you need to provide for […]

Manage the small things, the big things take care of themselves…..

If you pay taxes honestly about 50% of what you earn goes off in various taxes – income, service, securities transaction, etc. Now take away another 28% in housing EMI, then another 7% in building maintenance etc. It means your government, and your house have taken away 85% of what you earn. So the 15% […]

Why asset prices are wrong!

How and why does a person buy an asset? Well he sees the cost of the funds being laid out for the investing, considers the risk, then considers the cash INFLOW that is likely to come from the asset. If the NPV > 0, or in other words IRR is attractive enough, he buys the […]