Major Investment Errors

I get asked often – why do I say ‘You should concentrate on the positives’ but write more about errors? Simply because if you are a novice /amateur investor (like I am) it is far, far, far more important for you to avoid errors. For e.g. I have always warned investors against investing in companies […]

a nice small commentary on Hdfc top 200

When a fund house becomes very big and one of its schemes becomes very big there is a chance that it will get watched. Under intense scrutiny it is not always easy to perform well. Prashant Jain is an exception of course. I have my own MONIES in top 200, and have bravely recommended it […]

Psu bank vs Private sector bank

After saying nice things about a public sector bank manager just YESTERDAY….here is some non flattering stuff. First of all let me start by saying, IT IS ALL MY MISTAKE. I love procrastination and almost paid a 6 digit price for that. Well, God helped me I guess. ON Friday My great PSU bank assured […]

Defending the Bank Manager

First of all let me apologize to all the bank managers and officers who I have criticized in the past. Not that they have suddenly turned saints, but I have turned wiser. It was very easy for me to get frustrated with the bank managers – PSU or otherwise – so I used to criticize […]

Real Estate Prices in Mumbai

What was scary is a recent default by Orbit – that too for an amount of Rs. 96 crores. For a builder with operations in Mumbai…this should not have been a big amount…but well, it did happen. It is amusing that the middle class keeps its money in savings accounts, fixed deposits, RD, etc. – […]

Common Financial Worries

What are the common financial worries – and what are their solutions? Let me list them, as I HEAR IT: 1. Huge debt combined with job insecurity: Whenever a young person takes a loan somebody in the family is bound to say ‘OMG you are taking a Rs. 18 lakh loan (it could be anything […]