Subra on ET Now: Avni Raja and Avanne Dubash

Was on ETNow yesterday….here it is for those who missed it… Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

Selecting a Financial Adviser

Let us say you are a HNI and looking for an adviser. Do you really want to look at a low end IFA who does an average SIP of Rs. 4000 per month? When you are talking of doing an SIP of Rs. 200,000 a month? Or When you are looking to fund your child’s […]

Tata Sons goes Private

If a client had asked me ‘should I take 18% stake in a limited company’ I would NEVER, EVER, EVER have considered the risk that the 82% can decide to take the company private. It would not have crossed my mind. I confess. Another thing which I am impressed is the role of the public […]

Ethics, Morals and Investing

I was reading NYTimes and found an article (link below) which said Nestle was spreading obesity in Brazil. That set me off on another thought. Should you invest in a ‘bad’ company? And who is to decide what is bad and what is good. Clearly tobacco, alcohol, porn, armaments, guns, explosives….are in most ‘bad’ lists. […]

Is my portfolio ok?

Most miseries start with an innocent question…let me enumerate them… Is Hdfc bank a good share? Is K….Wealth Managers a good wealth manager? Is S……fund a good fund? Is S….amc a good amc? Innocent questions right? What the unknown person on the other side of the conversation is asking is what I do not understand. […]

Learning from experience

My broker called and said “Subra xyz looks like a good buy, what do you think”. I said I know the promoter, and I personally know the person running it also, I do think it is a good buy. My broker was surprised because he thought that the share was over priced and knew that […]

Asset Allocation

disclaimer: I do not even hint that you will learn about AA by reading this piece, but here it is. We now officially have 100,000 people licensed to sell mutual funds, and about 50,00,000 people licensed to sell ULIP. All of them of course have to understand asset allocation. Presumably. So the asset allocation fun […]