How to invest now

These are surely difficult times for the investor now. Looks like the Titanic times. There are kids telling you there is a ice berg. However you as the experienced captain of your ship do not know whether to say “Full steam ahead” or to be cautious. You have also read the Titanic story. Well if […]

damage to the banking system

When Ra Ga urf pappu asks us ‘where are the achhe din’ some of us at least need to tell him that our eyes were blinded, coloured, poisoned, and tied. so the scam of the Congress regime had obviously funded by the bank chairmen from the tax payer’s money. What we need to understand and […]

Gloom and Doom: so what?

I have a friend Mehul Desai..this is about his friend..not about him..he told me this story… My friend has this infuriating habit of saying so what to anything which has, even distantly, bullish connotations. He has been born a bear. No…not that way. But he has never been able to trade positive. Somehow he has […]

Helping children buy a house

In India buying a house which used to be a middle age activity is now become (becoming) a young age activity. Did you know that in the 1980s the Hdfc home loan application form did not have MISS option? It was Mr. or Mrs. They perhaps thought that an unmarried woman (young or otherwise) will […]

ha ha the Bear market is here…and Growling

It is an arbit number I agree. Why is 20% fall called a bear market and a 19% fall called a correction? What if the market has fallen 20% and your portfolio has fallen 25% ? were you in a bear market even earlier? The media will tell you that we are in a bear […]

This is my last will and testament…

“I M C Shah hereby revoke all my previous wills and by this will made on this date…at Mumbai…do hereby state that all my properties are self acquired..and the house in……………………….an ancestral property in…… what I have inherited. That should be divided as per the Hindu Succession Act….. My residence in Santacruz is self acquired […]

We are NOW in a bear market…

The cookie cutter definition of a bear market is ‘when it is 20% lower than its previous peak. Previous peak was 30,025. So at about 23000 we are in a bear market. Every market goes through a pullback, correction and of course a bear market. All economists know that markets go through all phases, and […]