Invest ONLY in bonds Equity is too risky

Why am I doing a post like this? Why am I saying that some people should not invest in equities? Well the smarter investors know that while investing looking for certainty is FOOLISH. The smart investor knows that the SMART investor lives with uncertainty. He knows that equity returns fluctuate…and there is standard deviation of […]

Personal Finance is more Personal than Finance

When one keeps writing about personal finance and at the same time deal with people about their personal finances, many things come up. The first and foremost is that your financial position is a function of too many things. There are just too many factors that affect a person or family’s finances — where you were […]

Comments that I will not post

some amazingly stupid comments appear and I refuse to post them let me put down the posts: Subra this is a great post. We all understand the need for retirment planning…and hence I have bought this………………plan from …………………….company, and it is available here …………………com Come on guys gimme a break. If the name of the […]

Managing or damaging your personal finance: choice is yours

My take on why we do not manage our OWN finances well: there are many things in our lives which are in the ‘to do’ list. And largely we can classify them as follows: Habit must do: brush your teeth, make your bed, take bath, – not terribly exciting, but we do. Pain must do: […]

We are a young Multi Millionaire Couple…

I have always been a silent reader of this blog – and have never commented. So here is my rejoinder to the ‘Ideal young couple’ kind of a post that Subra did a few days ago. It took me a long time to write this post, and may not be of great quality, but here […]

Feeling to be financially free!

A friend about 10 years younger to me was asking me how does it feel to be financially free..he was planning to quit his job. I explained how his attitude to life has to be a slightly different and he will have to chart a different route…when he popped the question..’How do you feel’. I […]

I am a young Multi Millionaire with my own money…

I am usually a silent lurker on Subra’s blog, but the flurry of negativity on this post just made me want to share my experience with Subra’s readers on how this example is a very much realistic scenario for any person earning an income in India. I am a 33 year old man, married […]