10 Financial Must do’s for Professionals

I was wondering whether I should single out lawyers or doctors for a post like this. Then I realized that all of us – MOST IMPORTANTLY CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS TOO – need to know some financial does and do nots…so here it is… As soon as you start your practice (even if you get a job) […]

The Red Shoes Hans Christian Anderson

Remember the Hans Christian fable of the Red shoes? Do not scoff at the girl and her foolishness. As we get older in life and start ‘owning’ things, we all behave like that poor girl in red shoes. We buy ‘things’ and soon those things start owning and controlling us. This si an amazing story […]

Why people do not get rich

Most people who come to my blog or buy my book have an agenda to get rich. And many of us keep saying it is easy, you need patience. Now let me tell you what REALLY happens: Almost all the people I meet are convinced that they should start an SIP Many of them start, […]

What lies do Investors believe?

this is not a post…just trying to gather what kind of lies do Investors believe? a) lies that they tell themselves: a) i will live by a budget from tomorrow b) i will start a sip from next month…..etc.   b) lies that your RM told you: a) this ulip will give 18% return b) […]

Year end buying

So we are at the end of the year and the markets are really going nowhere. The EPS growth is not happening in many companies. So fund managers are finding it difficult to justify the prices or wondering whether to sell. The difficult part is that the fund schemes are continuing to get money and […]

I made lots of money like this….

So many people tell me (OMG and I politely nod) …here is what I wish to tell them: Subra, I made money…. a. buy getting ESOPs in my company b. buy buying a house for Rs. 30 lakhs, now it is worth Rs. 90 lakhs and only Rs. 12 lakhs of the loan is to […]

Anchoring and Real estate prices

I heard about an ex army man who wanted to sell his flat in Navi Mumbai for a price of Rs. 2 crores. This was in 2013. He did make some effort and the best offer that he got was Rs. 1.65 crores. He obviously did not budge. He was staying in Kerala and had […]