Financial Myths in your head

In life we are always held back by our beliefs. One man believes that he can climb the Everest and does it and another man believes he needs help to cross the road. Both of them could be the same age, but their beliefs are different. Remember what Henry Ford said “If you believe you […]

Children and Money

What I wrote about Children and Money ….EXACTLY 10 YEARS ago…on 19th March, 2008… Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

Is Amazon a threat?

If you have an equity portfolio and a well created portfolio with a moat should YOU have to worry about Amazon? Well, I seriously do not have an answer. However here is an attempt. Amazon in India is not so much into services but imagine what that can do. Suppose I want an air-conditioner installed […]

What to do in a FALLING market….

What to do in a falling market? Tips for a sliding market…. No this is not a falling market…but 10 years ago…i had RE-POSTED this. I do not know the actual date of this post. So what happens in a falling market..well here it is.. What to do in a falling market? Tips for a […]

Who determines Interest rates

Who or what determines interest rates. Too many people think that it is the RBI decides where the interest rates should be. THAT IS WRONG. The RBI only determines the rate of interest in the over-night call market. RBI also signals the long term rates by issuing G-secs. However if the Rbi gets very ambitious […]

doctors being duped

Doctors are not trained at all in money management. So when the qualify they start earning and need to invest they really do not know where to turn. Here the problem starts. They forget that investing is a science too. Exactly like their profession. They think that somebody will come to them..and once they give […]

Strong Investment Foundation

One of the risks while in Retirement (and the main reason why SWP does not work) is ‘Sequence of Return Risk’. This is the risk of the difference between finishing your corpus before you die (disaster) and leaving a nice fortune for your heirs (desirable but not necessary). So if you retired in say 1991 […]