Rising interest rates and equity markets

Recently a senior citizen took out Rs. 15L from his mutual funds and invested it in an LIC pension plan. When his son in law asked me…I said…”It does not matter”. The son in law was surprised because I had warned him against EXACTLY THIS TRANSACTION in the previous week. I said “not suitable for […]

Is passive investing useful in India?

Passive Investing – means some independent body creates an index and the fund management team just invests in that index without applying its mind. This means the whole investment process is bereft of human touch. Yes, it can actually be done by the machine – with just some low end operators. When you talk to […]

Why or How investors lose money in equities!

I wrote this piece exactly 10 years ago..and it is still relevant. It appeared in a couple of websites too…and of course it is a repeat…read on   Why investors lose money in equities?   Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

Frauds – types of financial frauds

Last week I was talking to an Editor of ETNow and realized that there was not much literature on frauds. In general or much of frauds in India. One fraud which we have all seen is the Affinity fraud. In this the company which wants to run away with a lot of money makes people […]

Future is very bright

The future for Investing in India is very bright. Really bright. Especially if you are a fund manager or even better if you are the owner of a fund management company. Like Hdfc Ltd, Icici bank, Kotak, IIfl, Abcl…. Lets see why: we are growing at 23% pa and that is great Indians are shifting […]

Morality and Investing

After spending a few decades dabbling with accounting, Income tax, equity research, law, investing, meeting 100,000 people while talking about money,…I asked myself this question “Should Morality worry you while investing”? I have never been able to answer this question clearly. I will keep visiting this question again and again – so in 2029 I […]

The Endowment Effect

I moved house about 2 years ago and the worst piece of furniture – I got it made to order – has to be my book shelf. When you have a bookshelf, you fill it with books. Worse thing is there are books which if I read cover to cover..and do NOTHING else in life, […]