Doctors and Money Questions

Did / doing 3 training sessions for doctors in 3 locations – Nagpur, Indore and Pune. Doing this post because I hear somethings which are alarming… Doctors do not have to retire What if I find a share THAT ONLY GOES UP can I buy it for my portfolio I buy LIC policies for risk […]

Investing is simple is it not?

Life itself is simple. Especially if you are not over ambitious and want to conquer the world. Rahul Gandhi can easily lead a simple life in any part of the world with all the ill gotten wealth of his family, right? Well bowling is simple. All you have to do is to take a red […]

Subra on ET Now: Avni Raja and Avanne Dubash

Was on ETNow yesterday….here it is for those who missed it… Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

Selecting a Financial Adviser

Let us say you are a HNI and looking for an adviser. Do you really want to look at a low end IFA who does an average SIP of Rs. 4000 per month? When you are talking of doing an SIP of Rs. 200,000 a month? Or When you are looking to fund your child’s […]

Tata Sons goes Private

If a client had asked me ‘should I take 18% stake in a limited company’ I would NEVER, EVER, EVER have considered the risk that the 82% can decide to take the company private. It would not have crossed my mind. I confess. Another thing which I am impressed is the role of the public […]

Ethics, Morals and Investing

I was reading NYTimes and found an article (link below) which said Nestle was spreading obesity in Brazil. That set me off on another thought. Should you invest in a ‘bad’ company? And who is to decide what is bad and what is good. Clearly tobacco, alcohol, porn, armaments, guns, explosives….are in most ‘bad’ lists. […]

Is my portfolio ok?

Most miseries start with an innocent question…let me enumerate them… Is Hdfc bank a good share? Is K….Wealth Managers a good wealth manager? Is S……fund a good fund? Is S….amc a good amc? Innocent questions right? What the unknown person on the other side of the conversation is asking is what I do not understand. […]