Doctors Financial Mistakes…

The more doctors that I meet and talk about money, the more I am convinced that there is a ┬ánice pattern in doctors financial mistakes. This is across age groups and geographies. Let me enumerate: Paid too much for education: it is sad but true that the medical education in this country needs a lot […]

In defence of the bank employee and the psu employee

Every bank – psu or private – has 2 sets of employees – one in the branches and one in the HO. The employees in the branches are client facing, have targets, and very rigorous work schedule. The employees in the HO – in accounts, HR, and back end operations are more relaxed – in […]

Industry analysis or Fundamental analysis?

These days so much is being wriintten about investing, that the average 30 year old knows far, far more than what I knew as a 30 year oldm. No doubt about that. I start my Fundamental Analysis class by asking people about 2 companies to compare. So most often I get the following pairs – […]

Do you need an investment advisor? Or a Mentor?

Investing is Simple. Do not confuse it for being easy. It is like going for a morning walk. Or going on a diet. Simple to describe, not EASY to do. If you are a young kid smart enough and more importantly wise enough to start investing, you MAY not need an advisor. All you need […]

It is foolish to plan…or is it?

I wrote a piece on ‘Make your own financial plan’ – this appeared on yahoo finance and some of you may have read it. What is amazing is the response that I have got for the same. Largely saying the following: – future is uncertain, SO DO NOT PLAN. – equity markets are too risky, […]

When to sell a share

Once you have bought a share, you’ll next need to decide when to sell it. Since bonds/ debentures sell themselves when they mature, this question primarily applies to shares or mutual funds (even the debt mutual funds have to be sold). Essentially the debt mutual funds are temporary parking spaces meant to hold money till […]

Make Subramoney more popular?

I went to an SEO expert and he said what I need to do to increase the readership on Subramoney. Well, let me start…I had no intentions or have no intentions of spending time, effort or money on increasing the readership. It just that I met a successful SEO and he said that if I […]