Asset Allocation, Portfolio Construction, and all that bull shit

Let us assume for a minute that you have only 2 asset classes – how much should be in equity and how much should be in debt. THAT IS THE MILLION DOLLAR question, that we need to answer while wondering what is asset allocation. So let us look at that. ULTIMATELY immaterial of what questionnaire […]

How you have been cheated by the government….

Assuming that you got about 8% interest in bank deposits over the past 10 years, and that you paid 30% tax on that. This means you got about 5.6% post tax from your bank EACH YEAR…. How much did you REALLY GET..well you got nominal return (5.6%) and the resultant inflation is here…so your real […]

May I have a feed back please…Pune lecture Deccan Gymkhana…

I did a financial planning session at Pune (Deccan Gymkhana, courtesy of Prof Anil Agashe for the lovely location and the nice hall)…and it was well attended. Some of the interesting observations / comments… – almost all the people who were there were people who knew me because of – many of the people […]

Mutual fund or ulip?

In almost all the training sessions – whether it is a relationship managers training or a independent financial analyst’s training, one complaint comes through very loudly. It goes like this: “I have a client who invests 5 a month in a mutual fund regularly. However I am under tremendous pressure to sell him a unit […]

Doctors and Insurance

The Indian education system sadly lacks any training on financial matters. So whether you are a CA, doctor or an engineer, you actually have no clue on how to plan your personal financial life. THIS ARTICLE is a request to doctors to see an INSURANCE professional of decent repute to understand their complex insurance requirements. […]

Regrets of the Retiree

I meet a lot of people over the age of 55 – the time when people are looking forward to retirement. Invariably I ask them one question – what are your regrets in life..and the answer (financially speaking) is very interesting… 1. I wish I had done my own business: So many people feel that […]