How do people get rich..or richer…?

You have heard this many times…right? The rich get richer..why do you think this happens? Well it is because whenever we buy something we pay a price, right? Well let us say you go to a hotel where a ‘masala dosa’ is sold to you for Rs. 75. Immediately your mind goes to the costing […]

Knowing vs Implementing

Ask any top consultant and they will tell you that ‘the greatest difficulty in consulting is ensuring CORRECT and PERFECT implementation. Whether it is a dietician who is worried about implementation of his plan or a Financial advisor worried about his suggestions, the fear remains the same. Our growing knowledge is not really helping us. […]

Retirement is confusing

For the generation which is now ‘pushing the flowers’ the word retirement was clear. You worked till you were 60, retired and died at 68. You did not have to worry who would take care of you in your old age. They stayed in a joint family, some of them had an indexed pension, had […]

What to ask your financial planner?

I am not getting into the legal part of who is a financial planner, who is a mutual fund distributor, etc. I am assuming that you have an individual who is helping you invest in direct shares or mutual funds or a combination of financial and real assets and you need to know what to […]

Investing in shares/stocks directly

When you choose a career do you expect to get rich overnight? It took a lot of effort for most rich people to get where they have, have they not? I do not see any reason why people should THINK that they will get returns exceeding 12-15% p.a. in their stocks portfolio. Of course there […]

my talk at IIT, Mumbai

Prof. Kavi Arya (son of world famous photographer Jitendra Arya) teaches at Mumbai IIT and runs a very nice program. He gets kids in Second Year Engineering to write an exam..and after a lot of elimination selects 36 of them to work on embedded technologies. So all these kids work on robots, drones, …..and have […]

Investment and Investment Risk

There is one person who is rarely quoted in Financial Circles. He is George Bernard Shaw. He said “Whenever I go to my tailor, he measures me up”. I wish all of us would do it! Once we decide on a particular thing we do not let new facts change our minds. We carry prejudices […]