Portfolio Construction: steps

What is portfolio construction?  Let me start in the correct order: Setting your Goals Making your Investment Philosophy Statement Understanding Asset allocation Next step is Portfolio construction. Once you have decided to do Goal Based Investing, set your goals, made your Investment philosophy statement and understood the need for asset allocation, you are ready for […]

What to write on this blog…

I started out in 2007/8 writing this blog. It has been more challenging than publishing a book(s). Now after about 4000 odd articles I realize that I have written about everything that I know (or I think I know). Frankly there is nothing NEW that I can write, I can only hash and rehash. People […]

Asset allocation for a new investor

If you have come into investing recently and have been subject to many experts, my sincere condolences. It is a jungle out there and there is an alphabet soup of qualifications – all most all well intentioned, presumably! first realize that life is a complete package, when you are young and drawing your first salary, […]

Early Retirement is a bad idea!!

  You did not like school, but you went for 12 years of your life. You breezed through your college but did not learn much. Depending on where you did your MBA you slogged or breezed through. Or you slogged for you CA membership. Cut to a job. You enjoyed it. Then by 43 you […]

Investments, Expense, and Sunk Costs

When you write a cheque it is either an expense (or repaying a loan for an expense already incurred), an investment or it is a sunk cost. Every rupee that we spend gives us something – happiness or experience! We need to see whether it is a sunk cost or whether it is an investment. […]

Are you a sucker for financial porn?

When i use the word financial porn (origin is much older than Subramoney, I did not coin this word)…people are amused. Then I spoke to a clinical psychologist and he said ‘see how many people are addicted to financial porn’ ..I really do not know the symptoms of any addiction, but here I am testing […]

How to find the right retirement planner?

Why did I use the word Retirement Planner and not Financial Planner? Simply because these days the terminology is changing and changing fast. Soon you will find Retirement coach, retirement planner, retirement communities, …remember in 20 years from now we will have the highest number of people over the age of 60 in the WORLD. […]