Buying a house AFTER you retire?

In every class on retirement planning one question which I always get a wrong answer is: “Will you buy big assets like house, car, etc. AFTER you retire?” It is met with an “obviously no. why do you even ask”. Well the obviously no is said and ‘why do you even ask is in the […]

Mutual fund listen to you?

  Why do people not invest in mutual funds? Well I am sure that the world is willing to pay a huge price to get THE CORRECT ANSWER. Sadly there is no single answer. but let me make an attempt. 1. Mutual funds do not have ears: Have you see any mutual fund ever asking […]

Risk management in equities

Some of these things I tell my clients, and they are not too happy listening to this stuff…so let me enumerate them: 1. Managing your own money is very easy: No nobody believes this. Most people believe that managing money is a very complicated process and is a great amount of mumbo jumbo. If you […]

Reasons for retiring (resigning)….

I have always felt and said that for every person there are 2 dates of retiring / resigning.  The first day is when they MENTALLY resign/ retire and the second day is when they actually do so. Recently a few people have retired / resigned and the reasons that they gave me are stunning and […]

Thoughts hurting your retirement corpus formation…

“You are what you think”. A lot has to be said for POSITIVE THINKING – and the most important is what Henry Ford said. You are right either way. If you think you can, you can. If you think you cannot, you cannot. What are the thoughts that are HURTING your Retirement corpus formation? I […]

What a life Insurance agent says and what he means!

Yesterday I did a small gig on what a Real estate agent says…and how you should interpret it…so today it is the turn of the life insurance agent. 1. Sir since you have an income, you should have a life cover:  Meaning: You have an income, I need to increase my income, so please take […]