Replying to Pattabhiraman Murari…

I had posted a long set of True or False….on Monday…and Pattu had replied to them…one of them caught my attention. I had said…’as life gets more complicated…you need a financial planner’ ..and Pattu said “no, ┬áthe investment principles remain the same’ True and False. There are a few people that you need in life […]

Financial Planning: True or False…

I am in a mood to do a lot of True of False posts…hoping to get a better reader involvement!! It also helps that I need not sit and compose…i can write somethings at random and force you to think (I hope). Here are somethings that you may hear from a Financial planner (or may […]

Risk: Knowing how to handle it!

Risk is one of the least understood subjects in Investing. We all keep saying that it is the other side of returns and such vague statements, but there is no proof that we understand risk. Let us look at some myths regarding risk: 1. Risk Management means we must have an ability to SEE TOMORROW: […]

Staying away from new products!

As there are no ‘welfare’ or ‘good for the patient’ doctors, I guess their life is easier. People eat what they want, when they want, in whatever quantity, quality…..and come to the doctor. The doctor should say : “Hello joker if you abuse your body, eat shit, eat packaged junk, drink a 1000 calories a […]

True or False?

Here is another list of True or False….answers you should find it yourself…my job is to confuse you..that I have done. I do not think Pattu has any calculator which will give you the answers…but cannot trust Pattu. He is capable of creating another 10 calculators to answer these T or F also!! 1. In […]

Tax on Pensions and Provident fund too….

One of the draconian laws in this country (thank God for tardy implementation!!!) is the tax on your retirement products. Please read this carefully, it has huge implications for you. 1. When you take up a job you start saving a part of your income in a provident fund. This is mostly compulsory..but some companies […]