Retirement planning is a new concept.

In the year 1800 the average life expectancy in the USA was about 40 years. A kid born in 2014 in the US is likely to live till the age of 82 years. In fact the probability of this kid reaching the age of 100 years is very high. Obviously retirement planning was not much […]

Retirement Issues or Money Issues

Some general observations or Axioms: 1. Generally money brings happiness, but only up to a point. You need to choose that point for yourself. IN the US this point to be considered to be about US $ 550,000. In India people will be satiated at a lesser number I guess (apart from a stupidly inflated […]

To be rich, start thinking like the RICH

I know it is difficult for many readers to accept that they are poor because they call themselves poor! Have we wondered loud enough about is India poor? I regularly see articles and advertisement for houses costing Rs. 15 crores (2.5 million US $) – and many of the houses being sold out. Are they […]

Portfolio review based on market conditions?

A bull market (I am not saying we are not in one!!) creates a happy mind set and a bear market (Ok, Ok, I am not saying we are in one) – whether for a short term or a longer term makes people anxious. Are you financially anxious? How does one deal with financial anxiety? […]

Bonds in a retail portfolio?

I had done a post long ago about Debt funds vs Bank fixed deposits, with the conclusion that your Debt funds are an amazingly good thing to have. Obviously this is from the tax point of view. Many people asked me ‘does it mean we should not have any bonds in our portfolio’. Fair enough […]

We control what we THINK we can….

In life we buy many things. Most of the products we do not understand the cost or the benefits, so we just go along and buy them. List it down. Toothpaste. Vegetables. Fruits. Clothes. Electricity. Soap. Timeshare. White goods. House. Travel. Car. Doctor’s services. …..let us assume that the list runs to about 100 items. […]