Are we in a bull run?

Let us face it, when the market was at 15000 most media stories were how: a) people had lost lots of money in the equity markets, b) how fixed deposits and PPF had given better returns over 3 years c) why people should be scared of the equity markets. One good thing about the media […]

NarayanaMoorthy and Infosys

he cannot claim that he has created single handedly….and keep claiming proprieterial rights for his life time and ours…read on   Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

NRN Murthy’s letter : Infosys Board

These are the FIRST TWO PARAGRAPHS of NRN’s letter to the press. Please read them…My article starts after these paras “I find that all kinds of rumors are being circulated about my letter to the Infosys board dated July 08, 2017. I just want to set the record straight, release a copy of the letter […]

Are we doing too much for our children?

I am by what my parents TAUGHT me. Not by what my parents did for me. By class V I had learnt to cook. My mom would tell me exactly what to do – she would be 12 feet away, but I learnt to cook that way. I still enjoy cooking. I feel far more […]

Paradox of choice

the more choice we have, the more stressed we are…and we do not decide!! see this wonderful TED talk Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

Sell Infosys!!

Should you sell Infosys now that Sikka has quit? No. This is not the first case of corporate mis-governance nor is it the last. You should stick around with a company as long as the cash flow is happening. At a PE of 15 if you think Infosys is a good buy, you should buy. […]

Financial Planning: Scalable business?

As an observer in the financial services space I meet a lot of finance professionals, and I like that interaction. In fact I wish it was more, but I am not doing much training in the mutual fund, brokerage or life insurance space. Oops thats a crib. The profession of financial planning should be judging […]