Achieving your financial goals

This is partly true, partly hypothetical. One young girl – aged 31 years – married and the mother of 2 children came to meet me regarding her portfolio. She wanted to get 15% return on her equities. Permanently, year on year. I then had to explain that 15% average is possible, but there is something […]

Markets are not easy to stay on…

You should read Investing Fables by Damodaran. Assuming of course that you have not ever read it. If you have, you must re-read it. Let us look at some of the myths of investing…. Actually all of them are true, however, the catch is that sometimes it may not be true. Shares always outperform bonds […]

Investing used to be very easy

The last decade of investing was very easy. I mean 2008 to 2018, and that has led to this story! When I was in school 3 things fascinated me – getting a medal, writing a book, getting a PhD and being called Dr. Subramanyam. This had to be a PhD because i had opted out […]

Successful advisers stay simple!

If you are a successful adviser, or wish to become one, you need to be a good communicator. In fact some of the best investors – Buffett or Soros – both are good communicators. IN case of an IFA the ability to communicate across generations and across people with different levels of understanding, different ages, […]

Mistakes defence people make

Staying in Army colony has its advantages and disadvantages….I get to meet a few of them and here…are my views. Most of them – let us say Colonel and above – do take up a job/ assignment post retirement, and do earn well POST service. Sure there are some who do not, but the majority […]

Retire Rich: Invest Rs. 40 a day

After going through 4 reprints…in English and 2 in Hindi…and selling upwards of 160,000 – including the Kindle version….and my publisher kicking me into writing …the second edition is nearing completion. I have to say, at last. Here are the topics:  Is Retirement an Age or an Amount of Money,  Are you rich or are you […]

Fear: Can be controlled in the market…

It was fairly obvious that say 10,000 years ago there were many groups in the forest – hunting. Obviously some brave groups which went and took on the animals head on, and some groups which were ‘shit’ scared. Obviously the brave group…died!! the coward group procreated. You know to which we all belong. So it […]