More financial lies that we tell ourselves…

I had done an article saying that we tell each other a lot of financial lies…here is a sequel… Some more financial lies that we love telling ourselves: 1. I have a DCF model that tells me exactly why Colgate is a good buy. 2. I know the market is fully priced now…the correction is […]

Why you MUST buy Real Estate…

  I am sure you rubbed your eyes when you saw this heading….that too on (the world believes that I am a RE hater, so be it). Let me tell you WHO should buy RE, how much, and with how much leverage: Assumptions: You are a 48 year old male with a CTC of […]

Subramoney in the press…

Thanks to Safal Niveshak (that is how I have stored the number)…here is what i say Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

Good Financial Planning starts with finding a Good planner!

  The key to quality insurance is in choosing a good quality Agent. ¬†The word agent comes from the Indian Contract Act, 1872 and it is the Christian name for the guy who brings insurance / mutual fund / other investment or borrowing ¬†product to your door step. Nowadays they have various names like Consultant, […]

Rent or buy?

Should you rent or buy? What are the options really available for a common man to invest? Is real estate an investment or a savings instrument? read on   Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

As a young earner what all should you know?

I have addressed this question many, many times…so here is an attempt to tell you what all you should know – it is a cut n paste of many of my articles from the past…and at the top is a gist of the presentation that Pattu made for his PhD students: read on…. I […]