Women and Insecurity

I was doing a series of articles for a big financial magazine and we used to handle case studies. Since this was a big magazine they could get reasonably big people to give details about their finances and we would do the story. One day I suggested that we do stories on 2 film stars. […]

Run out of money

I now know of many couples in their 70s, 80s, and even 90s who have run out of money. Mostly it is that they never thought that they will live so long, did not even earn enough (cannot blame them that they did not save enough), but yes, their money has died before them! What […]

Cifa 2018: Cafe Mutual event : Post 2

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Cifa2018: Cafe Mutual Event at Mumbai..part 1

Yesterday, on 23rd Feb 2018 was the annual CafeMutual meet held at Sahara Star, Mumbai. As usual I reached at 9am and here is a summary of what happened…rather what I liked during the event! The event was flagged off by Anita, and the first speaker was Sunil Subramaniam, CEO of Sundaram Mutual fund and […]

PNB affair and after

It was in 1969 that the banks were nationalized by an ordinance by Indira Gandhi. Of course there was no public debate or even the parliament was asked! She wanted it, it got done. Funnily the reasons were that the PRIVATE banks gave money only to a select group and there would be concentration of […]

Market is still uncertain?f

We all love certainty, do we not? We hate uncertainty. Till about 10 days ago we loved the certainty and we embraced risk. Or so we thought. We were happy. God was in heaven. Narendra Modi in Delhi, and all was well with the world. We saw the Index at 28,000…then 30k…then 33k…and it was […]

PSU Bank Fraud(s)

The Pnb fraud is neither the first in the history of the banks in India, nor is it the last. It is just one of many – in fact one of a very small minority which came out because of its enormity. If it was a Rs. 110 crore fraud, PNB may have just pushed […]