The lies we tell our children

We tell our children the following lies and when they find out about that they laugh or think of us as fools… Older people know what they are doing and so are in charge of life! People in power know what is good for us so they work in OUR interest AS we are in […]

I love mutual funds but not ..

I like and love mutual funds and have earned a lot of money because of the MF industry. Even the training that I do in banks or for doctors is based on the fame and fortune I made in the direct shares and mutual funds! However, blogging has its own risks …and I have made […]

Contrarian Investing

Well this is not really about contrarian investing. It is about different type of investing…. do not worry about benchmarks – they mean NOTHING. For a fund like TIGF and I Pru Discovery for example which are contrarian – or value investors – there CANNOT be a benchmark. chasing a date makes NO SENSE. Why […]

Real estate is doing badly in Pune?

Only for people who understand Marathi… listen to it. Poor risk management, poor cash management…hello this is what happens when you think you can handle risk alone. Surely there is a crisis in the RE..hear this..chances are UNLESS there is magic….this is deep trouble… Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post […]

Challenging times ahead!

Is it a good time to invest in the equity markets now? Well when a fund manager says it is time to be cautious it means we are late already! Yes the markets are high and the PE is very high. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE MARKETS HAVE TO FAIL OR AT LEAST FALL. It […]

Nifty hits 10000!!

Well as I said earlier…in FB posts and Twitter..10,000 is just a number and does not mean anything. Like age to an older person. When a person turns 28, 34, or 54…it is just a number. However it is customary to celebrate 25, 50, 60…no logic perhaps but maybe a time to introspect. Well the […]

To make money you need luck and skill

Tough head line that I chose to just tell you stories of how people DO NOT MAKE much money. Case 1: A 40 year old wakes up and decides to do a SIP of Rs. 40,000 per month. Then suddenly he remembers he cannot..and tells his wife..why do YOU not do a SIP. She knows […]