Investor-Adviser relationship

When a client with Rs. 30L exposure in mutual funds – largely equity gets a call from a client saying “I wish to sell my SPARE house worth Rs. 3 crores and put it in a mid-cap fund” how should he react? As a Trainer one could just say “i think its too risky” or […]

Morningstar Investment Conference, Mumbai, 2017

I attended the MIC in Mumbai 2017, and those who follow me on Twitter and FB saw my tweets. I also did 2 posts – one about what Uday Kotak said and one for the perma bull Ridham Desai. Here is a kind of penultimate post on what the other biggies said – Prashant Jain, […]

Set Investment Goals – how and why

A good, sound and durable investment plan starts by determining your objectives while understanding your likes, dislikes, and any limitations or constraints that may exist. While most objectives could be long-term, a plan must be designed to sit / live through changing market conditions. It must be able to prepare for unseen / unpleasant events […]

Subra but size does matter

I was talking to the CXO of a mutual fund and he was telling me that it is performance of a fund scheme which should matter and not the size of the fund. Nice spin. So I turned him to another topic…and then another. Then I came to him about measuring IFA performance. He was […]

What does money REALLY do?

When you deal with rich people – and some really rich people -you realize that money does not do much in life! When people are struggling with bills to pay and work to do, they do fantasize what a lot of money can do. However, as they save, invest, and make the money grow, they […]

Bankers are NOT so smart!

When it comes to investing, you think bankers are smart? What about Chartered Accountants? What about IIT, IIM graduates? Well, there is no holy grail. I can assure you. There are some simple rules of investing – diversify, do not invest in direct equities unless you have a great broker, or are willing to learn […]

Saving is NOT the way to create WEALTH

Sorry if I am hurting your ego and what your grandparents, parents, and many others told you. ‘Saving’ is a passive act of not spending money that you have earned or inherited. That cannot make you rich. So you have got an idea to ‘invest’ it. Will investing make you rich? Well investing is a […]