Influencing Investor behavior!

  As the end of the year approaches, and this blog reach extends to about 5 million hits, I was wondering as to what were the important moments of 2014. Social media has been a big game changer in the market place for me personally and I do think this will not change in 2015 […]

Retirement planning is not so intimidating – take it one step at a time!!

Retirement Planning – sounds very intimidating to many people. However, like all long journeys it begins with a small step. First of all you need to accept that you will retire, and like all events in life the person who is better prepared will face it better. So retirement planning can be made to look […]

Will we reach this stage?

Where do Indians keep their money? In banks. What do banks do with the money? they lend to builders (about Rs. 500,000 crores) What do builders do with the money? do they use it for construction? OMG no. They use it for buying more land. For construction Hdfc gives loans to the buyer who pays […]

To Invest you need to save!!

Investing is difficult not because investing is a great science or a great art form, but the money to invest has to come from savings. Many people live beyond their means and are thus not in a possession to build up any savings. No savings clearly means that there is no money available for investing.  If […]

Welcome to the world of investing!

  So you are 22 years of age and wish to invest in equities, right? And you have heard of stories like Wipro, Hdfc, Itc, LnT and the likes. You think this is tough, but what the hell, you want to try, right? Welcome to the very many people who wish to invest in equities, […]

Salesmen need Sales or Stories

Let us go back a few years. About say 100,000 years. Man had to get his food by hunting. So let us assume that in one tribe of 50 people there were 30 men and 20 women. The men formed say 3 groups of 10 people to go and hunt. One group returned with a […]