What is the Slumdog Millionaire effect?

Remember the Slumdog Millionaire movie? Well, they picked up a kid from the slums and made a movie based on the book by the same name. The kid from a slum was scrubbed, cleaned and fitted into a world of ‘clean bodies and unclean souls’. So far fine. Now this kid went from slum to […]

Only step to attain wealth

If you are a middle class male/ female there are not too many options available to get rich…but for a second let us see what Ken Fisher has to say! Ken Fisher (very famous fund manager and son of the legendary Phil Fisher) says that there are 10 roads to wealthy, I think there is […]

How does Gift a Pension work?

Yesterday you read about How you can help your domestic help / driver / peon in the office…start saving some sensible money towards a pension, here is how Gift a Pension works: It takes the objective of “financial inclusion” to each of our doorsteps. And very conveniently, at that. It enables individuals like you and […]

Pension is the MOST sensible charity

I am sure you are wondering about the headline…but do spare a thought. Have you ever wondered what your old servant will do when he/she retire? Will they go to their village (many of them have no roots), will they live with their children look after them? Will they be able to sell their existing […]

speaking at a public forum: Topic: Retirement….

I normally do sessions on financial planning and capital markets to small select audiences. Either it could be a company doing some training thru its HR or a company doing some feel good factor. NOW for the first time (ok after a very long time) I am speaking to the public – on a ┬ápaid […]

Money managing: hero worship does not work, does it?

In life generally and in many fields as well, hero worship is not really very useful. What I mean to say is if you are a cricket player you will have your favorites – Brian Lara, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Ricky Ponting, or if you are a little older you could have Barry Richards, Viv […]