It is so Expensive! Is it worth it?

How do you decide whether a thing is worth it or is it too expensive? We do not really ask this when it comes to food or water or even transport. Nobody ever wondered ‘is it worth to eat’ or should I drink water, is it worth it? However where to eat and what to […]

Subra and Cifa 2017

Thanks to Cafemutual I had the opportunity to address about 500 IFAs in Mumbai in Feb of 2017..and I spoke about the ‘distribution’ phase..The ambience was awesome and had a nice meeting with many old and new people – Dhfl Pramerica’s EA Sundaram, Kailash Kulkarni of LnT MF, Franklin Templeton MD and a lot of […]

Value of Term Insurance vs Cost of Term Life Insurance

What is the cost of Term life insurance? What age? say age 33 How much sum assured? Rs. 1 crore. How many years? 22 years. Sir what is the Value of the insurance. Ha. Now I do not know how to answer this. I know how much it costs, but its value is known ONLY […]

Giving Feedback : Investing history

You are a 27 year  old in the 4th year of your IFA business. You have just been introduced to a client who is 53 years of age and his portfolio has 5 ulip endowment plans, and 2 ulip pension plans ALL from the same company. He also has a bank fixed deposit of Rs. […]

Problems for the IFA: Media

One of the biggest problems for the IFA is the media. The media is full of ‘experts’ who have either a hidden agenda or self aggrandisement as the underlying aim of ‘writing’ a blog or an article in the pink papers. As the client does not understand the whole thing, and as the IFA too […]

Are you Financially Prepared?

Are you financially prepared is good question to ask and almost IMPOSSIBLE to answer! Here is an attempt – and I am sure another author can create a set of 20 questions! Lets see what I think are important: You have a formally written down financial plan: this one thing alone says a lot about […]

RIA means Fiduciary?

The buzzword in India in the BFSI space is ‘Fiduciary’ and its fun. Should a fiduciary attend a training program in a luxury resort, along with his spouse? Obviously the training is just to ‘explain’ the product in congenial atmosphere. Oh, I know how business is done in this world. I love the regulators too. […]