Basic Finance questions

Forget those long lessons on Brexit, fiscal deficit, government’s budget…can you answer these basic questions about yourself. I mean how accurately can you answer these questions without referring to any piece of paper? Assuming that you are about 30-35 years of age and have some financial footprints…and here are the questions: How much do you […]

What must be learnt as an IFA

Sadly there is no single course which could be said to prepare a person for being an IFA. I am assuming that a person should know the following: Technical skills: Portfolio construction, reasonable portfolio management, fund performance analysis – at least enough to be able to read a detailed analysis, a little bit of macro […]

Basic Financial Mistake

It is amazing how most people I meet can mouth many of the basic investment philosophies but do not understand the wider implications of their financial decisions. They broadly know that it makes more sense to save and invest, but do not realize this when they behave financially WRONGLY when it comes to their own […]

You must buy real estate…

Surprised? do not be..what I am going to say is not what the title says. Many people (including the author of the article at the bottom of this post) tell you how you should buy property …and you will make a lot of money..Lets see what they forgot to tell you: You had a nice […]

Indian Mutual funds are not true to label

‘But Subra is this fund true to label? – no no no client or reader ever asked this..but you see references made once in a while. Well Franklin Templeton is one fund house which has schemes which are true to label. So Franklin India Bluechip fund will never invest in a mid cap stock, and […]

Rajan’s exit..should he go or not go?

Should Rajan have gone or not gone? why did he come and why did he go? Did UPA treat him badly or did NaMo treat him badly? Swaminathan Subramianiam in a nice article sums it up well – as point and on.. Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

Going to an old age home

I will want to spend my last days in an old age home or in geriatric care depending on when the end comes. If it comes even before I go to an old age home, I might be happier, but one needs to plan, right? I have done some research and seen a few practical […]