Accounting and Investing: Ratio Analysis

When you get the balance sheet of 2 companies that you want to compare the first thing you do is to make sure that both are in the same language! So if you are comparing Toyota Motors, Form Motors and Tata Motors – you need to bring them all to US $, and then start […]

Fundamental Analysis 103

Well if I write this after 102…it has to be 103 I presume? Yes, it is taking it forward from 102 so I am calling it 103 When comparing the performance of any two companies, remember that comparisons have to be between companies that are comparable. If you want to compare a metal container company […]

Fundamental Analysis 102

I had to call this 102 because I have already dealt with ‘what if fundamental analysis’ in the past. Also FA starts with knowing that there is a PnL, B/Sheet, MDA (Management discussion and Analysis) to start with. Of course there are ratios to be calculated, cash flow statement to be seen…etc. Now let us […]

Questions to ask BEFORE you buy a share

People do not do too much research before they buy shares – I am talking of the new investor! I met a few people who had gone long on Options of PSU banks and made a lot of money. They do not realize that it was SHEER LUCK – and it could have gone the […]

Some investment learning…

This is a result of being in the 4th decade of my investing life. Not all the lessons were personally learnt – some where learnt from the reading, teaching, talking, dreaming, writing, commenting about investing. So if you see some points from other authors, writers, commentators do not feel outraged. We both may have copied […]

What Equity analysts look for

Financial analysts try to determine the value of a stock by calculating a company’s discounted “free cash flow”. This is based on a series of computer models with assumptions about future sales, earnings and growth rates. These models are only as good as the programmers and analysts that build them. What you end up with […]

The power of PRICE – Raamdeo Agrawal

The man who gave you QGLP talks about the last word – P – Power of price… Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.