Should I invest directly in equities ?

  Should I invest in direct equities or should I invest in Mutual funds? Should I invest through a SIP in mutual funds or should I time the market? Even for people who have answered the question ‘should I invest in equities’ POSITIVELY, the above 2 questions are difficult to answer. In fact these questions […]

Should adults TEACH finance to kids?

I have a nephew in college / high school and he had to say a few things about money: 1. I carry money to school, but never lend it to my friends: I am not sure whether I will get it back from them or not, so I do not lend it…..NINJA anyone? His father […]

Money has to be managed, right?

sportsmen do earn a lot of money, but have very poor money management skills…we all saw Vinod Kambli being unable to repay a Rs. 50L loan that he had taken from a bank similarly there are many sports people in the US of A who have a problem in creating a portfolio which feeds them […]

Nifty at 10000 in a few months?

A few days ago the calculator king Mr. Pattabhiraman (of fame) did a post that Nifty could reach 10,000 in 12 months time, but it may not sustain. I have no views of the market indices. In fact my broker and me keep looking at the market eps and market pe just to see […]

Remember these golden words

Seth Klarman, a living legend in the Investment world, said in one of his newsletters, early this year: Someday, financial markets will again decline. Someday, rising stock and bond markets will no longer be government policy – maybe not today or tomorrow, but someday. Someday, QE will end and money won’t be free. Someday, corporate […]

Is Cash the safest Investment Option?

  Investors (let me not confuse you with savers, here, I am not making a distinction) – come in many forms. Those who have no appetite for variability (wrongly termed as risk) think cash is the safest form of investing. Is it? well there are 3 things which destroy it: Inflation taxation and time. Over […]