Medical Insurance: why Indians do not like it

First of all let me tell you that I have medical insurance. I have no clue whether it will pay, how much it will pay, on what basis will the calculation will be made….literally NOTHING. Why do I still have a policy? because it keeps my mind calm. Why do Indians not like it? 1. […]

What keeps people poor…..

How much you earn is important, of course, but what really decides how much wealth you have is a function of your asset allocation, early start, being able to sit tight – over long periods of time. Let us accept one very important aspect of wealth creation: IT IS SIMPLE. However it does not mean […]

Some major investor mistakes….

The investor mistakes are just too many and to me everything looks major. Let me tell you the few that bother and bug me. Not because it hurts my portfolio, but I am at the receiving end if the person is known to me: 1. Going for a walk with the wrong person: People start […]

Personal financial planning workshop: Why a corporate should do it?

Hi! Over the years, you have invested a lot of time and money into your academic education. You have broadened your perspective to the next rung of the ladder, and invested in your professional education as well, via job-specific training. At this level you command a higher income, and get to enjoy more of the […]

Different people different yardsticks?

We are amazing human beings. Let me write about some of our inconsistencies: 1. When we choose the highest paying job / assignment job that we can find, we are being smart. When a cricketer chooses whether to play for the country or for a club, he is being unpatriotic. 2. We never go back […]

Easiest Mistake to make now?

The market is in a nice bull run. Or so it seems. Over the past 1 year the index has doubled. Your portfolio may have done something like that. If you had Procter & Gamble, Colgate, and Gillette, it would have done even better. If you had traded in those shares it would have been […]