Some of the Wealthy habits that you can learn

How do you get on to be on the path to being wealthy? Well, it is not exactly easy, but yes there are some habits which are worth COPYING from the more successful people. Till you are able to do them all, at least fake it. Let me enumerate a few: Exercise: I think physical […]

Holiday….20th to 24th…or should i have said 19th to 24th?

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Piramal Housing does business in Chennai!

Piramal Capital & Housing Finance, a subsidiary of┬áPiramal Enterprises Limited, has sanctioned a ~INR 200 crore facility to the Appaswamy Group (Appaswamy) via a structured equity transaction to enable the acquisition of 3.34 acres (~60 grounds) land in Kotturpuram, the heart of Chennai. Amazing how a Mumbai based Nbfc has gone and got business from […]

Flexible Retirement Plans

When I use the word retirement the 23 year old (at whom my book Retire Rich: Invest Rs. 40 a day) is really targeted may or may not pay attention. Which is fair enough because this person’s parent is still in service…so where is the question of this kid thinking/ worrying about retirement? However, this […]

Will pensions fail?

In India we believe in certain things. bank deposits are the safest investment instruments Lic, ppf, etc. will pay on the due date Post office cannot default If you are a Central Gov pension holder, it cannot fail I seriously do not want to comment on any of the above. It is too controversial and […]

Investors are suckers!

One thing investors will NOT DO is keep proper records of their investing. What they think they are doing is “being smart about equity investing”. So I asked a few investors HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU THINK YOU WILL MAKE IN EQUITIES? And the answers were stunning. With amazing regularity I heard 15-19% on their […]

Will you leave an inheritance?

Immaterial of how much money you have (or do not have) you will still leave an inheritance for your children. You will leave your beliefs, your style, your political view, your lifestyle choice, books, movie choices,…..for your children to imbibe. So most rich people will leave a rich life style anyway for their children. The […]