Is your housing cost hurting your retirement?

Have you ever realized that in India when you pay an EMI there is very little towards principal and much more towards interest? When you are say 30 and you go and get a big, big housing loan, let us look at what really happens. You are young, confident, and your wife (and everybody else!!) […]

What an inspiring story!

Monday morning you want to be inspired about finding something useful to do?   read on Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

Everybody has a view on Greece

when you hear / listen only to the MSM (Main Stream Media) in most cases you cannot get the truth. The truth is hidden in such a way that you believe the banksters. In case you are wondering why I call them banksters read on   Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer […]

Accumulate Wealth: The easy way

So you want Rs. 10 crores when you are in your 50s and contemplating starting your own business? Do you think this is possible without hitting a jackpot or marrying someone very rich? Really? Or do you think this is a pipe dream? Well it is possible, and it is easy to do it. Let […]

Why I do not do Advisory any more

Recently one person closed down his equity advisory business. I have no clue why he started and what he wanted, so I cannot comment on his business or about why he shut it down. I guess it is his call and not mine. I always find it difficult to comment on anybody whose business model […]

You can simplify your life!

In this modern world we all live stressed out to simplify that? Well there are possibilities 1. Use a lot of public transport: Yes it is possible. If you are senior enough choose the timings that you will work. If you are junior learn to travel by using public transport. During crowded times take […]