Mutual fund manager Fables

Fund Managers/ Fund gatherers aka Asset management companies and their agents need stories to sell the fund to the investor. Will they ever, ever say sell equity funds and wait in liquid funds? No. Will they sell equities and wait in cash on your behalf. NO. They cannot and should not. This is exactly where […]

The spending buckets!

We all know how to create wealth do we not? Spend less than what you earn. Save till it hurts. Invest wisely, Insure adequately, Track honestly, …and bingo richness is all yours!! However, you may not know how this happens on a day to day basis..what do you do? You make Budgets. Good old boring […]

Personal Finance is dull, boring but…

‘Subra all that you say is right…but finding a planner, or doing it yourself is so damn boring…what to do’ Asked a 31 year old girl who was having lunch with me. I really think personal finance is boring. There is nothing to talk about my 17 year SIP in Franklin India Bluechip and Prima […]

Money Nonsense that I see people do

In my meeting with people and talking about money I get to hear the following nonsense about their attitude to money. I see some of these actions – and amazing rationalisations to justify their actions. Stunning. I gave up my medical insurance which we have been paying for 14 years:¬†And this person does not have […]

Beware of lifestyle creep!

When a friend posted a photo of his top end car…another friend asked him (yes openly, on FB)..’How did Subra..allow this to happen’. Thankfully, I did not have to reply. The guy who had the car clarified how a 60% jump in his esop valuation HAD forced him to sell off some of his holding […]

Peer pressure to spend : Millennials

My work is very interesting. It involves a lot of reading, travelling, listening, and talking. I see a lot of millennials. Wait a minute. I see a lot of young people from their 20s and right up to their 50s and I see financial ‘peer pressure’ . I am sure you too keep seeing, but […]

Why you should buy a house RIGHT NOW

This goes against the post of the morning. Why am I contradicting myself? Why did I say…do not buy a house in the earlier post..and why am I saying ‘you MUST buy a house’? Well, the assumptions when you rent are: you are earning well, can afford to buy a house, but you are not […]