Fund management expenses….

You won’t find a lot of Pain In The As in fund boardrooms, let me tell you. Look at the board of the funds run by Subramoney Capital Management. Viswanathan earned Rs. 55,00,000 last year as an independent director. Until 2003, he was a senior vice president at the Subramoney Insurance, which just so happens […]

What an IFA should REALLY DO

Meeting more investors and more IFAs and many more trainers…that is what I did in the past 2 weeks of India darshan… So let me take off from what Jason Zewig, Buffett, and Vanguard have been saying… Mutual funds are prohibitively expensive, and the fund industry knows that. The regulator should have just concentrated on […]

IFA Question

Dear Mr. Subra I am writing this to you – but please do not disclose my name and email id – many of my clients read your blog. The ratio of articles that you write against the adviser is quite a lot, but you also write some articles favoring them. Hence I decided to write […]

More questions that I cannot answer…

A few financial dilemmas that have been plaguing me. Frankly am looking for an answer! Here they are: 1. How long will IT companies enjoy 30% margins and 30% p.a growth rate for the work that many of them do? Ok. Make that 15%. Is that sustainable if the currency were to get stronger? 2. […]

IFA or Fund manager?

I meet many IFAs as a part of my profession. It is impossible to find ANY IFA speaking like an IFA. Most of them speak like fund managers. Read on: Sir I moved my clients from Large cap to Midcap and then Midcap is doing very well. Sir, my clients have invested in 3 large […]

Wrong Investment Questions that I get asked

Whether I am in a meeting or talking to a the end I am asked for some tips. So I share some of the shares in which as a family we have investments. Believe me in shares like Tata Steel, Hindalco, etc. we may have under-performed the market (sensex) by a big margin. In […]

What people want from the media…

If you switch on any channel today you hear shrill voices. It could be just the market going down or going up. And the anchors talk like they know perfectly why the market went up or went down. It is amazing to see people going wrong everyday coming the next day with similar views. Apart […]