Tax deferral is a brilliant tax planning strategy

I have been thinking about this post for long, but last week I saw the portfolio of a 75+ year old man and almost puked. A financial planner had (OMG you need to believe it please) had kept Rs. 100L in fixed deposits (full liquid net-worth) in post office schemes, bank fixed deposits, and company […]

What really hurts us…as Investors?

Let me start by saying this again “Short Term Thinking Hurts” and hurts bad. Let us take some examples: There is a wedding where food is served. Of course there are sweets, and very attractive food – well laid out, smelling good, looking good…and of course there is a huge salad table also. There is […]

Real Estate as an Investment Option?

I have always held that Real Estate is an expense. Not really an investment. You buy a house, use it, and then sell it off. For using this asset you pay rent or you pay the person who gave you a loan to buy it. Of course the loan repayment has to be with interest. […]

Mutual Funds and their service

I could have also called this ‘Mutual Fund and the Common Man’. This is a blog that is being written as a genuine feedback from IFAs and customers. 1. A good fund manager is a must: Only because a fund house has a good fund manager are clients coming to them. 2. However, having a […]

Do I really need Rs. 8 crores for my retirement?

Financial planners, mutual fund sellers, bank RMs, all of them have a knack of racking up a large number when it comes to your retirement corpus! Normally they do this so that they can galvanize the client to act. However, from what I have seen it normally has a negative effect! When people look at […]

Some nice investment tips….

Markets in the country are going through a good (bad?) phase for sure. However, it may be an opportunity to buy if you are optimistic. The main worries are – 1. There is a large sales force today far, far divorced from the end customer! They have no clue how the money is collected, aggregated, […]