What to ask your financial planner?

I am not getting into the legal part of who is a financial planner, who is a mutual fund distributor, etc. I am assuming that you have an individual who is helping you invest in direct shares or mutual funds or a combination of financial and real assets and you need to know what to […]

Investing in shares/stocks directly

When you choose a career do you expect to get rich overnight? It took a lot of effort for most rich people to get where they have, have they not? I do not see any reason why people should THINK that they will get returns exceeding 12-15% p.a. in their stocks portfolio. Of course there […]

my talk at IIT, Mumbai

Prof. Kavi Arya (son of world famous photographer Jitendra Arya) teaches at Mumbai IIT and runs a very nice program. He gets kids in Second Year Engineering to write an exam..and after a lot of elimination selects 36 of them to work on embedded technologies. So all these kids work on robots, drones, …..and have […]

Investment and Investment Risk

There is one person who is rarely quoted in Financial Circles. He is George Bernard Shaw. He said “Whenever I go to my tailor, he measures me up”. I wish all of us would do it! Once we decide on a particular thing we do not let new facts change our minds. We carry prejudices […]

Subramoney.com session at Bangalore…

I was a little sceptical to do a session on a working Monday. However, namma Bangalore was kind enough to oblige me with a full house – and about 70 people came to attend the session titled ‘Goal Based Investing’. Fairly obviously I covered Goal based investing – and I always run out of time […]

Why Annuity is not recommended by any adviser or Agent

This is not very easy to answer, but let me try to answer this….. An agent makes much more money in selling you an endowment plan – and promising you tax free returns than in selling you a pension plan. However, all the commission is made in the accumulation phase. When an agent recommends an […]

Cost of lifestyle mistakes!

I was fast walking with a guy who is married to a girl I know. So in a sense I know the boy too, but I know the 31 year old girl for the past 10 years and I know the boy for about 4/5 years. That’s the background. When we went a little uphill, […]