Top few Reasons to retire early

This is not a post on ‘advantages of retiring early’ – that would be a different post. This is just that what are the reasons why you could or should retire early…. #1 You Can Afford it:  This is a necessary, but NOT sufficient condition for retiring. If you cannot afford to retire, you cannot […]

P Chidambaram and his assets…

the amount of detailing that Subramaniam Swamy and Gurumurthy have done in P Chidambaram’s case is amazing. Now it looks like Godfather – kill the main people around the don, and the don falls. So attack PC, Bhujbal (Maharashtra), …etc is good message for SG and RG Post Footer automatically generated by Add […]

Do not retire early if…

There are a few reasons why you should NOT retire early..some positive some negative.. #1 You love your job. Like Sachin Tendulkar or Lara or Dravid. If you love your job – of being a doctor, surgeon, dentist,  of being a wealth manager or being an IFA or an active fund management consultant. Why! even […]

Should you book profits at all?

Just recently read an article by a rookie journalist saying “At 30,000 index you should take some money off the table”. I did not like the statement, because ‘taking money off the table’ and ‘playing only with house money’ are all words from gambling. Investing is NOT Gambling. At least as far as I am […]

IFA’s job is difficult

Luckily my ‘work’ involves meeting doctors. Physicians, Surgeons, dentists, …and all of them. It is obvious that I chat up with them and find similarities to investment counselling. Read on… So a senior doctor – with about 45 years of clinical practice – tells me..’as I got on in years, I realized that communicating well […]

the Hindu nation theory

here is a brilliant article on the Hindu Nation theory. The author asks if USA can claim to be a Christian nation, is it wrong for India to call itself a Hindu nation? Good well written article.. Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

IFA: Working with Retirees part 1 of many

Most IFA that I have met work with people in the accumulation stage, or people who have a huge surplus. So in many cases, the mistakes of the IFA or the client will not matter – the corpus is so huge, that lifestyles do not change. However, going forward we will work with people who […]