New Year Resolutions…homework to be done..

“I hate this job and want to quit” – a person who has worked 17 years made that statement. “I really want to lose weight” she said..just as she reached for her second gulab jamun. Do we always MEAN what we say? In this world of too much talk and too much content, stop judging […]

Open letter to Raghuram Rajan

I could have called it the wish list also, but I chose to call it the Open Letter…here it is Dear Sir, You have done a good job of managing the RBI – and there are many people saying that. Yes you are the rock star, half marathon running, well educated, articulate RBI governor which […]

The one and scariest risk is….

If you are under 35 years of age, the ONLY risk that you should be worried is about your career. Wrong qualification, Wrong line, Wrong Country, Wrong Company, Wrong boss, Wrong technology – one bad choice and your life could take a downward spiral. This is the biggest risk for all of you. Do remember […]

The answers depend on the questions…

If you are a trained criminal lawyer with a lot of experience, or even an ordinary lawyer, you realize the sequence of questioning. Of course if you know how to conduct IMPARTIAL market surveys you also know that. Rahul Gandhi is of course not trained well enough, so he did what he was told to […]

“Cash Waiting to be Invested” a media expert myth

How many times have you switched on the Idiot box and found an expert say “cash is waiting on the sidelines to be invested”. I keep wondering what it means? Have you wondered? Cash is an asset like any other asset: bonds, shares, real estate, gold, oil, CASH. So when you have cash you just […]

While selecting a Mutual Fund…

What does one look for in a fund manager while selecting a scheme. Broadly I am in agreement with people who say that given the fact that all fund managers play with the same parameters, the chances are that they will perform like each other vis a vis the benchmark. Partly true, partly false. Let […]

Money Attitude of the rich people

I do not mean the mega rich of the country, I have no clue how a Azim Premji or a Mukesh Ambani talk about money to their families. I am talking of people much lower in the order..but would be worth a few MILLION US $. So let me call them $ millionaires. Money problems […]