Improving oneself…

I used to be a bad runner. I became a good runner. Then I slipped to being a bad runner. In investing I have improved over a period of time – and did not slip back much. Well at least not noticeably. When a friend said to be a better runner, THINK/BEHAVE like a professional […]

Ethics and fund houses….

Not all fund houses are always ethical….sometimes they do play around…read on..    Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

Why starting early helps!

Every financial planner, IFA, RIA, RDA, CFP, CA, BE, MBA, MBBS, MD,  – all helping you in your financial planning MUST have told you “start early”. Have you wondered why? Well there are many reasons, let me spell it out for you: ‘n’ is in the power position in the compounding formula – and has […]

Lies that I have heard about investing

In the course of the last 3 decades of investment behavior that I have seen…let me tell you some of the lies that I have heard…. I am too young to start investing for retirement: Younger people do not like to hear about saving/investing for their retirement – it is just too far away. My […]

Are we in a bull run?

Let us face it, when the market was at 15000 most media stories were how: a) people had lost lots of money in the equity markets, b) how fixed deposits and PPF had given better returns over 3 years c) why people should be scared of the equity markets. One good thing about the media […]

NarayanaMoorthy and Infosys

he cannot claim that he has created single handedly….and keep claiming proprieterial rights for his life time and ours…read on   Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

NRN Murthy’s letter : Infosys Board

These are the FIRST TWO PARAGRAPHS of NRN’s letter to the press. Please read them…My article starts after these paras “I find that all kinds of rumors are being circulated about my letter to the Infosys board dated July 08, 2017. I just want to set the record straight, release a copy of the letter […]