Regulating the business

Bouyed with the amazing success of the mutual fund industry, the Government of India decided to regulate the food, pharma industry along with the doctors. The start was made with the food industry. So from 1st April onwards, all hotels will have to display in their menu card, the full details of the food that […]

Mutual fund industry is booming

Make no mistake about this – the mutual fund industry is booming. Every fund house is making a lot of money – or is hoping to make a lot, lot more money in the near future and hence the rush for new fund houses to be set up. We are still not seeing any major […]

Forecast for 2017: Subramoney

Equity Market Outlook Major themes – to impact India in 2017 include increase in consumption demand, growth led by reforms, monetary stance of global central banks and economic policy decisions, etc. Equity Investing – Improving fiscal situation, inflation rate, exports growth, rising FDI flows point towards fundamental, amazingly well sold SIP story, banks awesome ability […]

The Art of Thinking Clearly – Rolf Dobelli

Thanks to Idfc Mutual Fund Rolf Dobelli, the author of the Million-Copy bestseller was in Mumbai on 13 Jan, 2017 for an one hour talk on ‘The Art of Thinking Clearly’. Of course he spoke clearly about 8 of the 100 biases that he has written about in his book. Needless to say he spoke […]

Why I do not like general insurance

here read this story.. I do not like insurance as a business – it completely hates paying the claim amount. They will say anything that they can to avoid paying the claim. Look in this case: the auto does not have permit children are not dependent no proof of income good they did not say […]

Answering home finance questions..on

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Financial Learning and some rules

This is surely just a ramble. I did not even know whether to call it learning, rules, diktats, …or just a ramble by an old investor, but hey here it is…. Make mistakes – write down what went wrong, make quick small mistakes, laugh at them, make it when you are young, and most importantly […]