How financial porn keeps you poor!

The problem with porn is it gives you wrong ideas, and wrong things to hope for. So if you have read the following in the ‘financial media’ it is time you made some corrections: You can invest like Warren Buffett: Well you cannot invest like WB, simply because you are NOT Warren Buffett. Over the past […]

More important investing lessons…

This is a kind of many years of pardon my walk in the Garden kind of a directionless approach….here are some of the things: Rest and Stamina are terribly under rated – in investing and in running. To act for 4 days you need 361 days of preparation – in investing or in fighting […]

My worries about YOUR retirement

What are my biggest worries about most retirement portfolios? Well let me tell you some of them: starting to invest late: The 24, 34 and even 44 year old does not understand the power of TIME on their portfolios. So there is a tendency to start late – they keep postponing the starting. underestimating how […]

Should you index? Do you need an IFA?

I have been asked this question many times – should I Index my money or should I look for good fund managers. The caveats first – I am a horrible person to follow. I have been an equity broker, an equity researcher (I used to sell equity research reports), I used to write for magazines […]

One Market lesson from demonetisation

There were many dire predictions about the equity market in the wake of Demonetisation. It also coincided with Donald Trump’s victory. Some of these predictions even looked correct and sounded intelligent when we heard or read it. It was proved right when I saw the S&P 500 immediately collapse 5% on the evening of the […]

Maximum loss in equity….

I had written this article for Yahoo Finance..long on… Well just too many people have no rules, limits, …and have no clue on how to invest in equities. These people can, should and do lose their shirt, pants and undergarments…..and deserve it. Completely. Let us say you are a well qualified, sensible, boy […]

Fund Returns vs Investor Returns

In the last decade telecom was a flavor for many people. The TRAI, the listed companies, the failed companies, users,..however if you had invested in Idea or Bharti Airtel chances are as an INVESTOR you LOST money. However, I traded in Idea, Tata Teleservices, Bharti Airtel many times and came out trumps. I know people […]