Asset Allocation and its problems

This is a good time to practice asset allocation says Naren, India’s contrarian guru, and he is right. Now look at 3 practical situations and suggest a portfolio revision: A person with about Rs. 2 crores in Real Estate, with a Rs. 1.2 crore loan (the balance is partly contribution and partly appreciation) – this […]

Retire Rich: Invest Rs. 40 a day!

This book was written long ago…and in all its versions – hard copy, soft copy, Hindi edition, Kindle version, corporate sales, retail sales… has sold more than 150,000 copies. I mean it could be about 160,000… That’s a brilliantly nice number. Even if I am saying it. Just blowing my own trumpet. But this post […]

Discard Thumb rules!

We should not become slaves to some of the tenets of investing wisdom that we have heard. Let us look at some of them An investor should invest 100 minus age in equities Equity markets will always give a REAL return if you hold shares for at least 5 years….etc. When I started investing in […]

Jeff Bezos: Regret Minimisation

Whatever decision you take in life, there can be a regret. If you choose to take full insurance for your car, and nothing happened and you made no claim, you regret taking the full insurance. ON the other hand if you do not take full insurance and you have an accident, you can regret that […]


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Good advice is boring and repetitive!

My job as an investment adviser, and as a speaker in investment conferences or writing about investing is very difficult and challenging. What is the challenge? The challenge is to say the same things again and again without being found out! Seriously good advice is dull, boring, uninspiring, accurate, and creates wealth. However, the market […]

Financial Planning is an imperfect science

Financial planning is not a perfect science. For most people who are not obsessed about large cap, small cap, midcap, goal setting, asset allocation and such shit…it is as painful an experience as visiting the dentist, if not visiting the oncologist!! What happens is when a customer/client / potential client comes to meet a Financial […]