Happiness as a goal!

When people talk to me about their finances they talk about ‘financial goals’. Sure, they are important but ‘earning more money’ cannot be a goal. ‘Being happy’ can be a goal. When I talk to people in the 55 to 72 years of age the most happiness that they have is when they travel with […]

Should I buy an annuity?

Many reasonably rich people come and ask me one question: Should I buy an annuity? My counter question is : Do you have enough money to afford an annuity? The answer is Yes…but it means I will leave less money for my children..an annuity is such a poor yield..I can easily get 18% return on […]

buy a house or rent a house?

well most people who talk about great Real Estate returns do not know how to calculate the returns. Seriously. Read on https://www.thestreet.com/story/14385039/1/home-sweet-home-reexamining-homeownership-s-wealth-creating-potential.html Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

Art of sitting tight doing nothing

Let me start by saying that our portfolio is a function of 2 things – a) what we do and b) what we do not do. Acts of commission and acts of omission. So I did not start my life by deciding what portfolio I should have in my life – how much work, how […]

Monitoring Retirement Accumulation

Accumulating a corpus for retirement is difficult. The reasons are not far to seek – not really knowing how much you need, not knowing the returns that you will get….etc. etc. However let us assume that this couple aged 34 years have figured it out that they need Rs. 10 crores for their retirement at […]

BFSI and competition….

Competition is ALWAYS good, or is it? Well we have 25 psu banks and now a dozen private sector banks. We also have 40+ mutual funds, 40+ insurance companies. Has this improved the service? Has it reduced the costs? Have you really benefited by this huge number of organizations in the BFSI space? In 1969 […]

Annual Share Market forecast time!!

We will all be called by some member of the 4th estate and will have to give a number. Subra where do you think the Nifty will be in Jan 2019? Well, er…where is it now? You gotta be joking, you surely know where it is now. Me: No. I will actually have to see […]