Markets are headed up!

This is a fantastic headline to catch people’s attention, that is all. I have no clue whether the market will go up, go down, remain sideways,….NO CLUE at all. I mean it, really. I was in a bank class when the index had reached 10,000 (year 2008 I think?). One of the kids asked me […]

Lessons from a downturn….lucky lessons should I say?

  Till Taleb came along and said ‘Do not discount the role of luck in your life’ all of us considered ourselves smart. Very smart.  Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, etc. also have to consider themselves lucky with regard to their date (and place) of birth. If they were born as women in a backward district, […]

Should you invest in an Index fund?

Not sure whether I will be lynched for this article, but as usual I am not giving an answer. Let me put both the sides of the argument, and you can pull your hair over what you should do. Let me start with a caveat, if you are not allocating about 80% of your overall […]

Smart Investing is simple!

  Buy shares of a good profitable, successful business, hold on for inordinately long periods of time, and live off the dividends. You will surely get wealthy in the long run. If you want to get wealthier,  use the dividends to buy MORE shares in the same company. Let us say you have shares of […]

The stock market is terribly misunderstood

  Caveat: I like equity markets, as a family my father started investing in 1950s, I started investing in 1979, have enjoyed the process so far. I am completely indifferent to YOUR views on the market and whether you invest, hate, love or are obsessed with the market. Article: The equity markets are one of […]

Concentration helps: Swami Vivekananda

Awake! Arise! Stop Not till the Goal is Reached said Swami Vivekananda. He was too much of a Motivator to be called a Saint, and too Saintly to be called a Motivator. Of course he was not like today’s Motivators..if only he had left tapes, videos, …it would have been great. His books stir you, […]