Just Joined the defence forces? Here’s what you should do

If you just commissioned or enlisted or joined indthe Indian army (navy, air-force) .  here are a few things you should do in the first 6 months of your new job. If you do these things you’ll be ahead of many of peers and you’ll thank yourself immensely down the road when you’ve set yourself […]

Customer feedback..about a few brokers…normally i do not name them…

My experiences with the brokers in brief. I will keep the author anon HDFC Sec: My first broker. No cheating, no calls,tips but expensive. Ventura: A good broker but little bit expensive in terms of charges. Also, they don’t have mobile trading app for small investors. You need to buy at least 10k plan for […]

What a soldier needs to know about finance and money

I think a soldier should know the following…just in case this is not comprehensive enough…please feel free to add …it would be great if you are a military person..or the kid of a defense person..or just a well wisher… PERSONAL FINANCIAL PLANNING Assessing the Situation or making The Balance Sheet Financial Basic Training What Determines […]

Fund Manager Evaluation: Pitfalls

Every body and his uncle, aunt and cousin likes to talk about Fund manager evaluation. It is extremely difficult to even assess past performance – some managers get lucky very often! More than being difficult, it is pretty useless. Useless, yes you heard it right – because you cannot use the so called ANALYSIS to […]

Tips for Financial Mental Peace

In this world of Social Media there is heightened awareness of the holidays that your friends are taking, their new house, car..how to keep your sanity while living in this world..well here are the few smart steps: Live far below what your income allows you to: there is no need to show off your style […]

Budgeting for the Defence Personnel! Part 2 of 2

Personal finance budgets are a must for everybody – and more so for a soldier who may not be there at home to take some day to day decisions. Budgeting can help in a number of ways: A personal budget is THE way to make sure you do not spend more than you make. For […]

Budgeting for the Defence Personnel! Part 1 of 2

Personal budgeting is a crucial part of any persons financial preparedness. For a defense person, it is a part of your military readiness and peace of mind, for both single service members and military families. Budgeting and planning  your income and expenses with your spouse prior to your deployment will keep you both at ease. […]