Questions Smart Doctors ask me

Those following me on FB, Twitter, or reading my blog know that I meet a lot of doctors! I do have some more friends and relatives who are doctors too! And I have some clients who are doctors too…and here are some of the smart questions that they have asked me… Is there anything to […]

We need the bad years in Equity

If you take the returns in the equity markets from March, 2004, (financial year) the returns have been 83, 16, 73. 17, 18, -38, 80, 10, -10, 7, 18, 24, -11, 20 and if the index closes at 33000 this year will also be 11%. Is this good news? I am not sure. If you […]

Active management will help INDEX investors!!

Yes please read the headline again. Active management will help the index investors! Let us look at say the BSE 100 as a representative index instead of the Sensex or the Nifty. Every IFA will advise his investor to put in say 70% of his money into a large cap fund. There will be an […]

Ridham Desai Morgan Stanley @ Morningstar Conference in Mumbai

Ridham Desai was the second speaker at the Morningstar India Conference on 11 Oct, 2017 at Grand Hyatt, Kalina and as expected spoke well. Some take aways… caveat: Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Ridham Desai, Ramdeo Aggarwal, ….are the perma bulls of India. Naren, PJ, …also are bullish more than bearish..and all are equity oriented in their personal […]

Market is about probability and long term

The skill of an adviser and that of an investor is being able to ignore the short term underperformance of a company or a fund. Let us take 2 examples – Coromandel International in stocks, and Hdfc Equity fund in fund performance. When monsoons are bad or there is a talk of government abolishing fertilizer […]

Morningstar Investment Conference, Mumbai, 2017

I normally like to reach a conference an hour before the kick off. But thanks to amazingly bad routing by Uber, I reached half an hour before time! The first speaker was Anthony Serhan – and one key takeaway was that India was in the top (with USA) regarding legislation and disclosure. Must actually thank […]

Richard Thaler wins the Nobel Prize: Behavioural Economics

The man who created the “nudge” theory, which has helped the British government raise more revenues and target NHS better, encouraged smokers to become vapers, has been awarded the 2017 Nobel prize for economics. It is the ultimate recognition that behavioural economics has reached home! Richard Thaler co-wrote a bestselling book on the nudge concept – […]