Interest rates will go up? Or go down?

The main question is who decides the interest rates? Rbi? Sbi? Hdfc bank? Obviously all 3 options are wrong. Like everything else, it is the market which decides the interest rates. Remember Interest is the price that a borrower has to pay to the lender to ‘use’ his money for a period of time. So […]

Investing in Bonds and Bond funds

I am a long only kind of a portfolio person even though when I look at some companies which are truly big, rich and famous I am tempted to be short – like ITC, LnT, Sbi, Pnb, BoB,…oops all the psu including Icici, Axis, Lic, NIA…but this is a post about bonds is it not? […]

Volatility and client management

What do you do when the markets are volatile? Well markets are always volatile, are they not? Sadly the markets from 2008 to 2018 have been amazingly well behaved and have not seen any big downside movement. So we all got complacent. Let us say 2018 is not so great and the market decides to […]

One More disclaimer…to be read with all posts!

Disclaimer, or PV Subramanyam are not responsible for and do not endorse any advertising, products, services,  or resource available from advertisements on this website. PV Subramanyam receives compensation from Google for advertising space on this website., cannot and does not control the advertising selection or content. Please do the appropriate research before participating in […]

What worries me now

I like the equity market – the good shares go up, and the shit shares go down. There is very little that somebody can do to hide the shit. The same is not true in today’s big debt funds and big bulging balanced funds. Let us say a company goes and gets itself a good […]

ELSS still makes sense!!

I have been asked the following questions: Does it make sense to invest in ELSS still? Is it better to invest in ULIP as ulips are still tax free? As a senior citizen paying tax at 20% slab should I keep money in Bank FD for getting 80C benefit? Should I withdraw all my ELSS […]

Saved from the bubble…

I have been saved many times in the past. It is clearly Lord Almighty who saved me…I just got lucky I guess. Let me enumerate… In 1992 we had to buy an office and decided to fund it by selling some shares….phew…or we would have been blown to bits, would have lost money on most […]