Are we doing too much for our children?

I am by what my parents TAUGHT me. Not by what my parents did for me. By class V I had learnt to cook. My mom would tell me exactly what to do – she would be 12 feet away, but I learnt to cook that way. I still enjoy cooking. I feel far more […]

Paradox of choice

the more choice we have, the more stressed we are…and we do not decide!! see this wonderful TED talk Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

Sell Infosys!!

Should you sell Infosys now that Sikka has quit? No. This is not the first case of corporate mis-governance nor is it the last. You should stick around with a company as long as the cash flow is happening. At a PE of 15 if you think Infosys is a good buy, you should buy. […]

Financial Planning: Scalable business?

As an observer in the financial services space I meet a lot of finance professionals, and I like that interaction. In fact I wish it was more, but I am not doing much training in the mutual fund, brokerage or life insurance space. Oops thats a crib. The profession of financial planning should be judging […]

Predicting the future is easy?

is it easy to predict the future? what is the future is better than we thought? what if inflation is 1%, energy creating and consuming cost zero, food grown in your terrace garden? solar self driven cars, clothes that are medically treated so that you need not take medicines food including your medicinal requirements? I […]

Predicting the Future 100 years is EASY?

see this note that was sent to President Bush about the future… Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

Stop Reading this blog….

My readership in 2017 is likely to be less than it was in 2016. Mind you, 2016 was much higher than it was in 2015. Should I be happy or sad? I am neither. I am doing this blogging for fun – and it only has a cost implication for me. I spend at least […]