Forecast for 2017: Subramoney

Equity Market Outlook Major themes – to impact India in 2017 include increase in consumption demand, growth led by reforms, monetary stance of global central banks and economic policy decisions, etc. Equity Investing – Improving fiscal situation, inflation rate, exports growth, rising FDI flows point towards fundamental, amazingly well sold SIP story, banks awesome ability […]

The Art of Thinking Clearly – Rolf Dobelli

Thanks to Idfc Mutual Fund Rolf Dobelli, the author of the Million-Copy bestseller was in Mumbai on 13 Jan, 2017 for an one hour talk on ‘The Art of Thinking Clearly’. Of course he spoke clearly about 8 of the 100 biases that he has written about in his book. Needless to say he spoke […]

Why I do not like general insurance

here read this story.. I do not like insurance as a business – it completely hates paying the claim amount. They will say anything that they can to avoid paying the claim. Look in this case: the auto does not have permit children are not dependent no proof of income good they did not say […]

Answering home finance questions..on

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Financial Learning and some rules

This is surely just a ramble. I did not even know whether to call it learning, rules, diktats, …or just a ramble by an old investor, but hey here it is…. Make mistakes – write down what went wrong, make quick small mistakes, laugh at them, make it when you are young, and most importantly […]

Fan Mail

Hi Subra (I should call Respected Actually) This is a very long pending mail which i am supposed to send you. I wholeheartedly thank you for virtually imparting all the knowledge. I wish you all success in whatever you do now. Expecting a Equity book soon! All the best! I just saw your comment in […]

Will buying shares make me rich?

The media keeps telling you stories of how investors got rich. I have carried an article saying ‘If you had invested Rs. 10,000 in Wipro it would be worth a serious amount today’, right? So all of you investing in shares are expecting to get seriously rich, are you? Well partly yes and partly no.¬†When […]