What if you ALREADY own the best shares?

No, this is not a post…just a FB type of a comment. When a public issue of L&T Finance was announced  many of the employees of the L&T group called me. Many of them were thrilled that they would be getting some ‘fixed quota’. I am not sure if I could have got some shares […]

Fund management fee: Against the trend

It is customary to say that a fund with a lower fee will perform better than a fund with a higher fee. People forget on very important thing here – there is a fundamental assumption that the skill sets in the fund management schemes being compared are THE SAME, and all other things are similar. […]

Risks of buying a house

When people tell you I bought a house for Rs. 10,00,000 now it is worth Rs. 50,00,000 – it was such a risk free fantastic return, you should read between the lines. In news reading and while listening to people it is important to hear what they did not tell you. And they did not […]

Only LIC policy that I like

Caveat: I am not an agent for LIC. No, I am not on the payroll of the LIC. Actually I do not even know whether LIC knows that I exist. Having said that let me accept that the press (including some of us fringe players) have written a lot of bad things about LIC – […]

Warren Buffett on Long Term Capital Management

LTCM – long term capital management – you will find the history of this company which had 2 Nobel Prize winners and many bankers…and brought the world to a standstill is worth reading about. More important read this… https://novelinvestor.com/buffetts-lessons-long-term-capital-management/ Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

The Retirement Conundrum!

The ancient Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu, wrote, “Know your enemy”  a few thousand years ago – surely before the birth of Christ! I would adapt it a little for today’s usage and say “Know your enemy and know yourself and you need not fear battles.” I have not read the Art of War  recently, […]

“I am proud of you” my daughter!

At the outset let me tell you that I do not like to say “I am proud of you” to my daughter. First of all, ‘pride’ is not something that I wish to ‘cultivate’. Pride is not a very positive sentiment, and can be painful at some stage. So I do not like to say […]