I am retiring in 2020 do I need equities at all?

I’m in my early 50s and have about Rs. 1, 40,00,000 in savings. I tend to stick to bank FD, and PPF accounts, as I was scammed in the past. What’s the safest way for me to invest this money? I will be retiring in 2020, is this amount sufficient? My wife is a housewife, and […]

Are your BANK deposits safe? LIC policies?

A Whats App message (titled “This Tsunami will wipe out your money lying in the Banks”) is going viral with a link to an article which suggests that our bank deposits are no longer safe; they can be appropriated by the government and used for bailing out banks. Your LIC endowment plans are guaranteed by […]

Government to control medicine costs?

Good idea. Government will decide on how much a doctor should charge for a fee for an operation. Great. Why should the government not decide on how much Deepika Padukone should charge for a movie? Well a doctor studies, and undergoes training till age 33/5 if he chooses to specialize. He has some 5000 tests […]

Oh I Missed Bitcoin Part 2 (concluding)

I wrote this piece on the same day that I wrote the first piece….and decided to make you wait for some extra time to test your patience, that is all. Ask Yourself the following questions: Can I afford to lose this money? Are you putting an amount of money that you can afford to lose? […]

Aadhar is compulsory, already

A couple of years ago my daughter said ‘I will not be allowed to write the exam if I did not have an aadhar number’. So she took a day off from school and our nuclear family went and got our aadhar card. Phew. It was some effort, but it was done. I was one […]

Sell decision is tough. Real tough.

Before you buy a share you have a choice of whether to buy. Once you buy a share you need to make more decisions. Far more. For example if you bought 50000 shares of Cholamandalam at Rs. 55 in say 2008. The question you have to keep asking is a) why did you buy? – […]

Capital Gains Tax on share market transactions

this is a guest post by taxadda.com – please consult a CA before you file your returns, I am not vouching for the accuracy. thanks. Capital Gain on share market (Including futures and options) Share market consists of trading in cash market i.e shares and also in futures and options. For long term investment, a […]