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Of course you need life insurance!! Please give me your email id…

Third in this sad saga of a lousy salesman. “Subra I wish to pay Rs. 60,00,000 as premium for a life cover of Rs. 6 crores – Rs. 4 crores for me and Rs. 2 crores for my wife. The beneficiary should be my kids. Me: Noble thought – glad to meet you regarding life […]

Documentation mistakes in life insurance!

Don’t take this risk with insurance – the mistake of nominating wrongly! Most people name their beneficiaries when they buy the policy, and then never give the subject another thought. That could be a mistake. Good consultants recommend that you take the time to review your policies’ beneficiary designations periodically (annually or whenever there is […]

God saved me from NSEL

Salesman: Hello Mr. Subramanyam, Mr……..Patel calling from …….Share Brokers….from …………… (not Mumbai, not Delhi…) of Gujarat…Can I talk to you for 3 minutes? Subra: Sure Salesman: Sir I have a RISK FREE, 13% interest bearing instrument! Subra (with a skeptical look, as always) – why is it risk free and paying a 5% risk premium? […]

Fantastic job offer from Hyundai…not taking it…

I just got a fantastic job offer from Hyundai….what a brilliant new phishing trick…do take a look! READ THE FAKE OFFER: Hyundai Motor India (HMIL) Head Office Address : A-30 Mohan Co-operative Industrial Area Phase-1 Mathura Road New delhi : 110044 Delhi ,India . Email: TEL: +919599947136 (10:00 AM TO 5:30 PM) REF: ” […]

Brokers cheat, you need to be prepared!

So you lost a bunch of money in the market, right? You bought Crest Animation, K S Oil, Punj Lloyd. None of them are likely to be anywhere near your cost for the next decade or two. Or you bought Kingfisher shares because somebody came on Television and told you it is a great buy. […]

Financial planner: must he be qualified?

I am an anarchist and do not believe that Rules and Regulations are very important. In fact I do think that lawyers, accountants and even doctors exaggerate their educational processes. Having said that when I meet financial planners who do not understand: Indian Income tax – especially clubbing, scope of what is Income, the difference […]

what is the REAL VALUE of a good advisor?

I have never been able to say what is a fee that a planner should charge? there are people who should be charged Rs. 10,000 a year and some people who should be charged Rs. 10,00,000. This should NOT depend on the time spent, it should be based on: a. have i been able to […]