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Financial planner: must he be qualified?

I am an anarchist and do not believe that Rules and Regulations are very important. In fact I do think that lawyers, accountants and even doctors exaggerate their educational processes. Having said that when I meet financial planners who do not understand: Indian Income tax – especially clubbing, scope of what is Income, the difference […]

what is the REAL VALUE of a good advisor?

I have never been able to say what is a fee that a planner should charge? there are people who should be charged Rs. 10,000 a year and some people who should be charged Rs. 10,00,000. This should NOT depend on the time spent, it should be based on: a. have i been able to […]

Choose your advisor carefully

I have done this post many times in the past…here is one more attempt. When you require a PERSONAL FINANCIAL ADVISOR, you are looking for a fee only personal finance advisor. Let us see who are NOT  pfas: 1. Your bank relationship manager: He is a paid employee who has sales target. Remember, I have […]

a brilliant profession….

An excellent profession / business to do now is the financial planning business. Of course some people call it a profession too. Why am I saying this? Simply because we are in the very early stages of the profession. It is like being in the banking business in the 1900s, in the mutual fund business […]

Conflict of interest

If you do not know who is paying your financial planner, take heart, you are paying a much higher price than you want to. Frankly it does not matter what a person calls himself / herself. If a person says ‘I will spend time with you and make a financial plan, and I will charge […]

Suicide claim

  Yesterday i was watching an episode ‘Crime Patrol’ on Sony TV. I have no clue of the names of the characters, but that does not matter. The story is about a young businessman based in Gujarat…and he thought he was being smart. Sad, as the case is, he was actually getting his family into […]

Why make a will?

Let me tell you a story….and like Valmiki assume I can go across time from 1990 to 2050. Please remember time is the 4th dimension and at some point in human civilisation we will be able to do that. Year 1990: You have graduated / settled and just got married. Did you think of life […]