new business ideas

I have been wondering why some big company keen on E governance not coming up with the following services: 1. a centralized qualification database: a person should be able to convert all his qualifications, marksheets, etc into E form. 2. a centralized MEDICAL database: wherein all the medical records of a person should be nicely […]

Banks hold their customers tight….

In the battle between IFAs and Banks, it is the banks who win hands down most of the time. Why does this happen? Some of my observations: 1. Clients love activity, and banks can provide that: Most clients like to do something on a regular basis – but may not be too keen to do […]

Debt: Bad or Worse?

For the past 3 decades (at least) YOU have been told by us (media) that there is ‘good’ debt and that there is ‘bad’ debt. Good debt is a beautiful concept ‘created’ by lenders with a great, benevolent image to say that: interest rates are low it is tax deductible and it is used to […]

Rational reasons for real estate prices to be high…..

If you believe that all bubbles are created by RATIONAL reasons and causes taken to IRRATIONAL HEIGHTS, welcome to the post. Is Mumbai real estate terribly high and unaffordable? Yes. Let us come to some RATIONAL reasons why people buy: 1. If we do not buy NOW we will never be able to buy in […]

Ego or Self worth?

To be successful you need to have tremendous Self Image. Now the line between self image, self worth and ego is not easy to draw. So one has to keep learning…. When a kid joins corporate India – he/she could get mauled by a boss with a huge ego. The kid has to know when […]

More Retirement Myths….

Yes Subra, I agree with you I need X amount for retirement, after all you may end up spending a fortune on medical expenses during retirement ——-Most people tell me this. Wrong. You may or may not spend much on medical expenses (hey I am not saying you do not need medical insurance). I am […]

Smart bankers….and impacted IFAs

For the past one year Mutual funds are falling over themselves to please the bankers. However it is not having a great impact on the net sales. For many mutual funds, the ‘net sales’ figure by the big banks isĀ  NEGATIVE figure. When you talk to a banker however they are not so negative, and […]