Rbi : thematic study of banks

The Reserve Bank of India has just issued (I mean I just saw it at 9.30pm) a circular signed by its CGM – Alpana Killawala.   This says the investigation of the cobrapost.com episode (where they had showed bankers talking about money laundering) will be over by 31st March, 2013. Great. The investigation will exonerate […]

Parrotting is a disease….

Are we not sick of hearing the following: The terrorists acts have been a dastardly one…. The culprits will not be allowed to get away with this… It is not an intelligence failure…we had warned the state governments about this….. The Home Minister visited the attack site and made a statement in both the Houses… […]

Conflict of interest

If you do not know who is paying your financial planner, take heart, you are paying a much higher price than you want to. Frankly it does not matter what a person calls himself / herself. If a person says ‘I will spend time with you and make a financial plan, and I will charge […]

Shares or bonds?

For those (like me) who are always bullish on equities, it is nice to read the equities history. The Russian Stock exchange got wiped out. In Austria from 1900 to 2012 – you would have been ripped apart with 97 years of losses In the US the returns from bonds has been BETTER THAN equities […]

Government needs 15 banks! or is it 22?

Why does the government need so many banks? With different names, multiple branches, multiple ATM booths,….but essentially doing the same work. The metros are over banked – seeing 4-5 branches in a small road is a given. Well the reasons are simple. If there is a Rs. 10 crore fraud in a small private sector […]

Equity Index has got nowhere…

India is a savings country. It suits the government very well. Most Indians keep the money in banks, national savings certificates, Kvp. Of course to ‘save’ Income tax they put the money in LIC. When the government gets cheap money it is happy. Of course these days it needs the equity market also has to […]

The Finance Licence Raj: Nirmal Jain

Nirmal Jain of Indiainfoline is a sensible businessman who needs to and will do business in India. If you seriously look at his business model, it is the funding operations which is really making money. In the financial services industry, broking, mutual funds, life insurance – NOTHING is profitable. One HFC told me – we […]