Are we not sick of hearing the following:

The terrorists acts have been a dastardly one….

The culprits will not be allowed to get away with this…

It is not an intelligence failure…we had warned the state governments about this…..

The Home Minister visited the attack site and made a statement in both the Houses…

Or in the financial space:

Financial Inclusion is the way ahead for new banks….

Sebi is concerned about the shrinking investor population…

Mutual funds HAVE to go to the villages and sell their products…

Unit Linked Plans are Toxic (guess who said it the latest?) lol

It is amazing how we see / read about such stuff and still continue to buy news papers and watch TV.

Sorry, to me these sentences are like what you hear at a wedding:

“I hope you have had your dinner. Please do not leave without eating”.

Frankly in most cases people are parrotting what they heard at a different wedding. They may slightly mind whether you eat, but generally over all they may be indifferent about who eats and who does not. Sorry, not meant as an insult, but just saying ‘Parrotting’ is getting sick and I request the people who parrot to go slow on that. That is all.

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  1. Hello Subra sir,
    I am not able to get the message of this post.
    How parroting is different than sharing the knowledge? If one is not inventor of knowledge then only thing he can do is just parroting. Also, many people have identical view. Does it mean that they are parroting each other?
    In finance, by processing the numbers, many people reach to the same inference/result/conclusion. Does announcing the inference amount to parroting?

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