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Terrible mistakes can RUIN your retirement corpus!

If you look at the graph of any Index over a long period of time they have created wealth for their holders. Whether it is the S&P500 of the US or the Indian Sensex or Nifty, they all have an upper trajectory. They have created wealth. This indicates that over long periods of time, the […]

Markets are uncertain? volatile?

How do you think the markets will be asked a Journalist…. Mr J P Morgan thought about it and said: “Uncertain”. I would have said “Volatile”. There is a Tamil saying which says “Trying to take bath in the ocean after the waves have stopped”. “Trying to enter the markets after uncertainty and volatility are […]

When to buy a share?

Its funny when you watch media – read or watch the noise. One often heard statement is “Company is doing well, profits are high, it is a good time to be adding xyzee to your portfolio.¬†According to media wisdom, strong profits and a healthy economy are good for stocks. We have heard it so many […]

Best shares to buy for a great 2018

So many people ask me for tips so here it goes…. Build India: One of the themes for NaMo is Build India, for which you will need steel? So go and buy Tata Steel, and India’s biggest steel manufacturer JSW Steel. Both are big well managed companies so it should be a good buy I […]

Investing – the good and clean way

The Unusual Billionaires – one book which I have been postponing…but will read shortly! The author Saurabh Mukherjea, of Ambit made a presentation at the Morningstar Conference in October, 2017, Mumbai. Here are some excerpts… Most of us know that investment decision making is about fundamental investing. The fundamental investing starts with looking at the […]

How to Invest…Raamdeo

one more video…about how to invest… Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

Value of Focus Investing: Raamdeo Agrawal’s view

I found a person with Rs. 50 crores with 115 companies. Had to be pruned to 25. On doing this, the portfolio started doing well. Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.